Online vs. Offline Advertising, Which One is Best for Me?

Offline OnlIne Advertising What you need to know
Offline OnlIne Advertising What you need to know

If you have ever wondered what the advantages of online vs. offline advertising are or are undecided about which one to implement for your business, in this article we will give you some advice on the characteristics of both and how they can help your business.

Although with digital marketing and social mediainbound marketing and content marketing have gained great relevance, sponsored campaigns are still highly relevant for brand positioning.


Why do big companies like Coca Cola keep investing in advertising instead of just focusing efforts on “content”? The answer is very simple: Positioning.

But implementing a good campaign, whether it is offline or online advertising, requires evaluating who it is aimed at in order to choose which modalities you are going to use.

What is online advertising?

Online marketing refers to the different ways in which you can market and create advertising on the internet.

There are many channels and platforms that you can take advantage of for your digital marketing strategy, from sending email newsletters to your subscribers and customers to placing ads on sites like Facebook and Instagram, or banners on Google Ads.

Online advertising is very useful for reaching an audience that tends to spend a lot of time online.

Some examples of online advertising:

What is offline advertising?

On the other hand, offline advertising is done in traditional media such as TV, radio, and print media, such as newspapers and magazines.

But it also includes printed billboards or promotional items. Ways to reach the customer without having the intervention of a content channel as such.

Despite what may be thought first-hand, the digital revolution has not eliminated or diminished the effectiveness of this type of advertising when it comes to positioning a brand. Therefore, it is worth considering in almost any commercial area.

Examples of offline advertising:

  • TV and radio ads
  • Newspaper advertising
  • Traditional mail
  • Printed billboards
  • Seminars
  • Demonstrations and advertising products

In order to better evaluate the focus of your campaign, you probably want to know what the benefit of each of these types of advertising is. Now let’s see them:

Benefits of online advertising

Contrary to what was once thought about “the world of the internet”, digital marketing has become truly relevant in everyday life. Currently, he dominates the advertising strategies of most companies. Here are some reasons:

1. It is easy to measure

Digital tools such as Google Analytics or internal statistics from social networks can help to better measure the scope of the advertising that is carried out by these means.

This makes it easier to correct and improve each campaign. You can make adjustments to the target person, duration, content, location and much more.

2. Lower costs

If your business is starting up, online marketing is a great way to advertise without spending too much. It is suitable for new brands with limited budgets to reach their target audience. In some cases the investment can be only $ 1 a day, for example, in social networks.

3. Immediacy

As people tend to spend more time on their mobile devices than on desktop computers, digital advertising reaches users’ hands at almost any time.

4. Eliminate physical limits

Because the internet works globally, your ads can reach a greater number of people in basically any country.

If your business is of services or non-tangible goods, this can be very convenient, as well as if you have the possibility of sending products outside your city or you have a dropshipping service .

5. Better segmentation

By creating your online advertising, you can more easily create different market segments to target different campaigns to different types of audiences.

In this sense, digital media provide you with configuration tools that guide you through the process and even offer you suggestions. Thus, your budget is better used.

6. More engagement

Since the advertising shown online is focused on people’s particular interests, your target audience will most likely see your ads multiple times. This will make them begin to recognize your brand and identify with its values, in addition to generating trust, a key factor in strengthening it.

Benefits of offline advertising

As we have mentioned, offline marketing also has its set of benefits that are highly relevant for brand positioning.

Implementing this type of advertising, instead of focusing only on digital, can give you advantages over your competitors.

1. Make better use of the public’s attention

When someone is watching television or reading a newspaper, they are usually focused only on that task.

On the contrary, when someone is in a social network, they possibly overlook it, because they are not so focused at that moment. Many users often ignore online advertising, or tend to close or hide it with blockers.

In that sense, a traditional medium takes advantage of a moment when attention is focused. Therefore, if they see your ad, it will be much more effective.

2. It is more tangible

Despite the digital formats in products such as books, music or other content, the physical format still has something special.

For this reason, people continue to buy printed books, CD or vinyl discs, framed art pieces, posters and posters, and even today photographs are printed… Even sending a physical card has a greater meaning than a virtual one.

This is also the case with advertising. Hence, the importance of continuing to deliver business cards, flyers, articles of your brand or product catalogs.

3. More versatile

When it comes to offline marketing, the type of advertising you do is not limited to the 2D plane. You can’t just use jingles, videos, and flat layouts. You can promote yourself by sponsoring events, holding an open house in your business, running raffles, creating eye-catching billboards, giving away sample items, and much more.

There are many more offline options than online. This allows you to be more creative.

4. It does not depend on technology

Obviously, online advertising depends on the user being connected to the internet and seeing their device or computer for your ad to appear. This somewhat limits the reach, as the ad will not reach your target audience unless it uses specific types of technology.

Depending on what you sell in your business, this may not be very convenient, since not everyone knows or is used to buying online. This is why offline advertising is always necessary.

5. Less competition

Of course, internet technology opens up opportunities for companies to access international markets. But it also means being exposed to more competition at the international level. In a saturated market, your online advertising must be very creative or you must invest more budget to be effective.

With offline advertising, the market is less competitive, because while it involves a higher initial investment, fewer companies do it and the cost is worth it. Traditional advertising is less competitive to make your ads stand out.

6. Strengthen your networking

When you attend events or make visits to other companies, the cards and promotional items that you leave are a great way to spread your brand.

Especially in the case of events, you have the opportunity to speak with key contacts and strengthen relationships between companies. Online advertising and marketing don’t offer the opportunity that a personal presence does.

Combine online and offline advertising

As you have seen, both online and traditional advertising have their own advantages of their own. But by combining them you can have the best of each one and cover all the flanks that your marketing needs.

For example, you can combine an online advertising campaign with an action that takes place offline. For example: Give a promotional code to present in a branch or collect something to exchange for a prize.

Or, the other way around: be offline advertising that invites online actions: A TV ad that invites you to subscribe to a newsletter, a flyer with a QR-code to buy with discounts on your site, etc.

How to determine which methods to use?

As you can see, there is a lot that can be done in the world of marketing and advertising. In order not to overwhelm yourself with all of them, focus on a couple of specific methods and focus your efforts on them.

A deciding factor in taking any action is your budget. Do not spend more than you have or incur debt to carry out a certain advertising action.

And although online advertising may sound like the only alternative in this case, in reality, making promotional items or stationery can also be a good option, for example. Take into account the cost that you can invest when choosing.

On the other hand, take into consideration the target audience of your advertising. If your campaign is aimed at young people, for example, it is not as relevant that you put out business cards as putting an ad on YouTube or on social networks. Instead, if your target is office workers, perhaps a newspaper ad will be more effective.

Think about where your target audience is and what type of ads would reach them the easiest. You can seek the help of a market consultant to advise you in this regard.

In conclusion

Before deciding between online vs. offline advertising, it’s important to determine what works best for you and your brand. To help you with the creation of more original campaigns you can find an advertising expert.

Ultimately, like everything else in the business world, finding the right balance between the two types of advertising requires a bit of trial and error before you do it.

In addition, you must constantly evaluate the results to make the necessary adjustments. Stay flexible to try different options and take your time to review what works best for you.

If you do it properly, you can achieve great results with your brand.