Facebook would once again have calls and video calls from its main app

Facebook Messenger Apps

The functions that until now were exclusive to Facebook Messenger would once again be part of the original app of the renowned social network.

Facebook would be adding one of the functions of its Messenger app, calls, to the original application as it used to be at the beginning of the application, as reported by the Bloomberg media.

The division of Facebook between an app for the content of the platform and another only for conversations was a decision that surprised and confused many users, but apparently, the differences between the two platforms will begin to be less and less apparent.

This separation between Facebook and Facebook Messenger began its process originally in 2014, but it was not until 2015 that it was consolidated as a necessary act to download each app separately in order to continue using the functions of what was once only one platform.

Regarding the possible reasons for this change, Mark Zuckerberg himself explained that it was a decision made mainly to differentiate the type of content and experience that was offered, in such a way that in one section the focus was on Facebook walls and interactions between these, and that on the other hand people could exclusively have a space to chat. In addition, according to the manager, “they saw that the main messaging apps people used were their own apps“.

For a long time after the original launch of Facebook, chats were integrated into the same platform both on the website and in its counterpart as a mobile app. The funny thing is that apparently the social network is thinking of going back to that time or at least offering a similar experience since at least calls and video calls will be available again from the main Facebook application, ceasing to be exclusive to its alternative messages.

However, this would not be the only thing that would return to the main platform, since among Facebook’s plans for its mobile applications they would have a limited version of the chats prepared to be used from the main app itself. According to the company, it would be an alternative that would not have all the functions or details available in the Messenger app, but only a simplified system.

Since its inception, the Facebook Messenger app was not very well received by the public mainly because it seemed like a new unnecessarily complicated process, so possibly this change could make users see the platform with a slightly better perspective again. A difficult job after other much less appreciated decisions such as the integration of Instagram conversations and text messages in the same app, something that also made it difficult for many more people to use.

This new Facebook decision would also be taking place shortly after the Federal Trade Commission in the United States (FTC) accused Facebook of having a monopoly in the mobile app market since it is true that several of the most downloaded apps in the world are part of that family with names like Instagram and WhatsApp. It is possible that with this movement Facebook is offering a space for more messaging apps, but that still would not be really clear.

As for the Facebook Messenger app, it does not seem that it will disappear in the next few dates. Rather, the company will be looking for new ways and features to add to differentiate it from what will soon be available on the traditional Facebook app.