WhatsApp finally removes one of the biggest annoyances of archived chats

WhatsApp finally removes one of the biggest annoyances of archived chats

From now on, archived WhatsApp chats will not move with the assets, just because they have received a new message, nor will they generate notifications. It is an important step to stop suffering the inconvenience of a chat in which we no longer want to participate.

This novelty had already been rumored for some time when WhatsApp first experimented with the possibility of keeping conversations archived. Until now, if we archive a chat and after a while, it receives a message from one of the participating users again, the app automatically moves the chat to the main list of chats, so that we realize that there is news, either a new message or a new shared file.

However, if we have archived the chat, it is usually because we do not want to know anything more about it. It is a real annoyance to archive a chat, thinking that we will no longer receive messages and that the app will show us as soon as someone writes something. In these circumstances, the archive of the chat is really useless.

WhatsApp today claims that it has listened to users, and has modified the way archived chats work, giving users more control. From now on, and by default, archived chats will always remain archived, even if they receive a new message; therefore, we will not see them in the list of active chats, along with the chats that we really want to use. Chats will be saved permanently, unless we manually unarchive them to return to the chat list.

If we are used to the current operation, WhatsApp states that it will include an option that will allow us to make archived chats return to the list if they show activity. This will allow us to test the new behavior, and decide if it really improves the experience.

This novelty will reach all users of WhatsApp mobile apps.