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Allisa Mayer is a The Advertiser Mirror correspondent who covers politics, business, money, lifestyle, entertainment, technologies and worldwide news. Allisa is a talented young woman, a cat lover who loves to write the latest news happing in the world.
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The Covid-19 pandemic has encouraged child labor in Latin America

Some 8.2 million minors, between the ages of 5 and 17, work in Latin America and the Caribbean, a region that is "far" from eradicating this child activity due to the pandemic.

Brad Pitt to produce Harvey Weinstein bombshell scandal movie

Hollywood actor Brad Pitt returns to the big screen, as the producer of the next film about disgraced filmmaker Harvey Weinstein.

Investing in Dogecoin: a double-edged sword

When investing in an asset, whether it is a cryptocurrency or not, there will always be risks, but in the case of Dogecoin, this is taken to the extreme. The cryptocurrency that was born as a parody.

Biogen shares jump 60% after the US approves its Alzheimer’s drug Aduhelm

The papers of the US laboratory soared after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Aduhelm, the first drug against the disease in twenty years.

Does what you eat influence the quality of your sleep?

One study looked at the relationship between eating habits and the number of hours a person sleeps and found that certain nutrients could affect the length of sleep.

Microsoft will introduce the new version of Windows on June 24

Microsoft will present the new version of the operating system for Windows computers on June 24, an update that will include the biggest changes that this popular software.

Facebook and Instagram add features for LGBT pride month

The social networks Instagram and Facebook announced their news to celebrate LGBT Pride month that takes place in June, including new stickers and hashtags.

The world’s first 3D printed home community

The first 3D-printed housing community in the world will be a reality in California (USA) from mid-2022 by the hand of the technology company Mighty Buildings.

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