A digital wallet from the era of Satoshi Nakamoto was activated and has 400 Bitcoin

Bitcoin Wallet of the Satoshi Nakamoto era

It is a wallet that was inactive for more than 8 years. The cryptocurrencies that contain it are worth $17.4 million.

According to data shared by the blockchain service Whale Alert, Bitcoin wallet was activated on September 22, which remained inactive for eight years and eight months and has 400 BTC inside.

At the moment, the content of that wallet is $17.4 million. In 2012 those 400 Bitcoins were worth $4,335 and now that amount has multiplied 4000%.

It is not the first time that wallets that have been without transactions for almost a decade have been activated. At the beginning of the week, another Bitcoin wallet containing 616 BTC worth $29.4 million was activated. In 2012, those 616 Bitcoin cost $6,667.

These movements kept the market expectant since the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, was the one who made the first transactions on the Blockchain in 2010 and then left those BTC inactive.

Some speculated that these wallets could belong to Satoshi himself but in none of the cases was there any indication that the creator of Bitcoin, if he is alive, was the author of the movements.