Bizarre death of a bitcoin mogul leaves more than $1 billion in limbo

Bizarre death of a bitcoin mogul leaves billions

Mircea Popescu was considered one of the most controversial figures in the world of cryptocurrencies. This 41-year-old Romanian, who became by many fans of this digital currency as “the father of bitcoin toxicity”, drowned on a beach in Costa Rica.

Popescu passed away leaving a huge fortune in bitcoins, which could be estimated at a minimum of $1 billion. The funny thing is, according to various experts, all your bitcoins may have been lost forever.

Some estimates put the bitcoins that Popescu had stored at 30,000. At the peak of the cryptocurrency in the month of April, its profits would be equivalent to 2,000 million, remaining today at the half due to its current value.

All of his earnings may have been left in limbo, as there are many informants who speculate that Popescu had a key that no one could have access to.

“If no one has access to the keys, those coins could be ‘lost’ forever in the sense that they will simply be left in your wallets without the ability to be liquidated,” Voyager Digital CEO Steve Ehrlich confirms to MarketWatch

According to police reports, Popescu entered the sea and was swept by the current in an area not suitable for swimming, where they recommend not to enter alone, or at least without people or surfers nearby to whom to ask for help in case of emergency.