The trial involving the alleged creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, started in Miami

Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin

This week began the trial involving the alleged creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. On Monday specifically began in the city of Miami the trial involving the Australian computer engineer and self-dominated inventor of BTC, Craig Wright and Ira Kleiman.

Wright is blamed for stealing part of about $65 billion of BTC. And of blockchain-related intellectual property worth billions of dollars more.

In addition, and this is not a minor thing, he claims to be the owner of 1.1 million units of Bitcoin as he considers himself the creator of the digital currency. In short, he claims to be behind the alias Satoshi Nakamoto.

For his part, Dave Kleiman’s brother, who died in 2013, alleges that the late computer engineer collaborated with Wright on the initial development of Bitcoin. And, that the inheritance is entitled to half the value of a deposit of up to 1.1 million bitcoins.

The case, which will have to be resolved by a 10-member jury, started this Monday in Miami and will last for at least three weeks. In which both parties will have to present proofs that prove their version. So far, Wright has taken very little to claim again that he is Nakamoto and deny any kind of partnership with David Kleiman.

New Study Reveals Which US Cities Lead in 2021 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Hiring

Metropolises have led cryptocurrency hiring in the United States in 2021. But jobs in this space are well dispersed across the country, LinkedIn data reveals.

A new study by LinkedIn for Bloomberg shows that there is no single hub for crypto or blockchain specialists in the United States. Searching among LinkedIn members in the United States who posted a new job in the first nine months of the year that matched the keywords crypto, blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Solidity revealed that around 53% of job openings Crypto jobs are scattered across the country in small chunks.

Binance wants to ‘work better with regulators’, may establish physical headquarters in Europe

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange has had a bumpy ride for a couple of years. It has been operating in around 180 countries and transacts over $2 billion in average daily trade volume.

However, regulatory officials around the world have cracked down on this platform. One of the many reasons is the lack of physical headquarters. In this sense, Yi He, Co-founder of Binance and CMO recently spoke in an interview with Insider and commented on the possibility of Binance placing a headquarters in Europe physically to comply with regulators.

According to an announcement, Reddit will tokenize karma points and add 500 million new users

Reddit could soon convert users’ karma points into Ethereum-based tokens (ERC-20). And bring 500 million new cryptocurrency users into the process, according to a newly hired Reddit engineer.

A series of tweets by Reddit engineer Rahul highlights Reddit’s efforts. To improve user interaction across various cryptocurrency initiatives.

Reddit’s partnership with Offchain Labs ‘Arbitrum network will allow for the creation of a separate blockchain instance, which will be used to store users’ tokenized community points.