Importance of Branding in Our Days

How Important Branding is
How Important Branding is

Branding is a term frequently used in the commercial field, however, very few people know that more than a century ago the term was also used. The German winners “branded” their animals with markings that they made through burning irons, to make clear who owned the cattle. In this article, you will learn more about the importance of branding in companies, and how this discipline manages to leave a mark on consumers.

Currently, Branding seeks for brands to leave an indelible mark on the minds and hearts of their consumers. Therefore, a good academic definition of Branding would be: “discipline that is responsible for the process of making and building a brand through strategies linked to the name, symbol or logo that identify it, influencing its value: both for customers and for the company”.

In an environment of high competition, where the consumer has wide possibilities of information and choice, and products tend to be perceived as commodities, it is essential for companies to generate differential value that will translate into relevant brands for their segments. In a sector saturated with similar products, Branding makes the real difference.

priority objective of Branding is to generate long-term relationships and emotional ties with consumers, since clients will be willing to pay a substantial sum of the prices of a good brand, and will remain faithful to it to the extent that it provides them a real value in functional and emotional terms.

Kevin Roberts ensures that all brands should aim to be a lovemark , since that is the way to obtain greater profits. Roberts indicates that brands must be not only irreplaceable to customers, but also irresistible and must achieve their loyalty beyond reason. 

Through Branding and the value of brands, the company obtains clear benefits, among them: the differentiation of its products from that of its competitors, and obtaining trust, reputation and values ​​that are the basis of long-term relationships with Your clients. All this generates buyback and recommendation: keys to the wealth of a brand.

And for the consumer, a value brand simplifies their decisions, providing them with clear and defined options to choose from, generates confidence, and in many cases becomes a vehicle of self-expression through which the customer demonstrates how they want to be seen in front of others.

How important branding is for a brand

Branding can be defined as the process of building a brand. In this sense, the brand can be considered a “living being”. The brand itself is associated with values ​​that are built in a continuous manner that directly implies a development of the brand’s personality.

It seeks to give weight and show all the qualities that the brand itself has so that the client can know the values ​​and vision that the brand has and that serves to differentiate itself from others.

The differentiation in the market at this time is of capital importance, since it implies in a direct way the very existence of the brand because otherwise the brand may not be distinguished from the others and in this way have a flat existence where in the end the objectives set are not achieved, such as being in the head of our public.

This identity that is built day by day must be done in a way that is consistent with the values ​​that we have and that we want to highlight as a brand. For example, it is useless for me to sing the virtues of values ​​related to the environment and not be honest in the processes that are followed to get the product. As they say, a liar is hunted before a lame person, for this reason we must be transparent with our public and keep a logical and consistent relationship with the values ​​we want to highlight.

As is well known, the identity of the brand can be demonstrated in many ways, from the brand’s own logo to its typography or the brand’s own corporate colors. In this way, no branding strategy is carried out if it is not well thought out and developed for the brand.

In this sense, you have to be aware and be very attentive since today the different scenarios that a brand has have to be controlled. This difference in the means of transmitting the message must be consistent in all its points of the brand and express in this way how we want to be seen

In branding we have to ask ourselves questions. For example, Who are we? o How does our public see us? How do we want him to see us? and a question that we consider of special importance would be, where do we want to go? By asking ourselves these types of questions, we can know what type of strategy we should adopt, clearly marking all the points that we can improve to reach the goal that we set ourselves as a brand.

In this way we will be able to establish a clear path by carrying out the different tactics that will bring us closer to where we want to go. In this sense, we must be aware of who we are and what are the actions that most place us in the line that we have decided to follow. What we mean by this is that despite being on the same stage as a recognized brand, we must not copy the actions that this brand has in its development, but we will have to develop our own according to the realistic objectives we set.

Thus, we will see that this exercise of brand building is not only reduced to large and well-known brands, but it is valid for all of them since in the end what is tried is to differentiate ourselves from other brands and be able to be present on the horizon of our public.

Due to the repercussion that these types of actions have with respect to a brand, it is advisable to be guided by experts in the field, since in this way we can take the steps in a firm and safe way and even that unforeseen events can be solved in a fast and efficient way.

There are different agencies and consultancies that are specialized in this type of strategy since it does not only mean selling but there are more subtle objectives behind all the actions carried out. Branding continues to be an indispensable positioning tool these days in which the public is overwhelmed by as many brands as there are on the market