10 most common mistakes in a virtual job interview

mistakes in a virtual job interview

For almost a year, most interviews have been virtual, as have hiring and inductions to new jobs.

Virtual interviews are no longer a new thing, after the arrival of the pandemic they began to gain ground and are now more frequent than face-to-face interviews. The labor market is increasingly competitive and continues to move; That is why The Advertiser Mirror offers a series of recommendations to avoid making the 10 most common mistakes in a virtual job interview.

There is no exact manual of what to do to guarantee 100% the success of a job interview, but it is necessary to avoid certain types of negative behaviors:

Mistakes in a virtual interview online

Late Connection: the first thing recruiters look at before meeting the candidate is the connection hours; so lateness will show a bad image and irresponsibility, and we will start with a point against.

Do not adapt the CV to the position: it is necessary to adapt the profile, curriculum and presence to the characteristics of the vacancy that you want to fill, since it will be an advantage over the others. More and more candidates are presenting their resume with an innovative design, through a video or some other tool, and that can also make a good first impression.

Not knowing anything about the company: it is necessary to have at least an overview, areas in which it operates and the products that they market. It is only necessary to enter the website and look for information about the company to which one is applying. It is even more positive to have a question to ask them about the position or the company as a sign of interest.

Not handling the CV itself in detail: candidates must be confident and know their resumes perfectly. Many times it is chosen to put some courses taken a long time ago or short work experiences that later when we have to explain them we forget.

Neglecting vocabulary and presence: no matter how relaxed the interview is, it is necessary to look professional and avoid colloquial expressions. Not testing the computer, not handling the tool through which the interview will take place, or taking care of the background that we will have in it, are also small aspects that we must consider so that they do not become errors.

Not careful with gestures: Non-verbal language is analyzed by recruiters, so it is better to avoid gesturing continuously, crossing your arms, leaning back too much in the chair or being fragile. Especially in virtual interviews, facial gestures are the most exposed.

Badmouthing the old position, company, colleagues or boss  Recruiters inevitably ask about previous jobs, and it’s always better to speak up correctly even if the memories are not always the best.

Hiding information or lying about personal or professional life: a good consultant will know how to detect inconsistencies in the candidates’ stories and their trust is the basis of empathy. Keep in mind that today recruiters also evaluate candidates on their social networks, so it is essential that what is shown there agrees with the story we tell.

Not taking care of the clothing: it is important to show a professional image in all aspects, since the clothing that is chosen can enhance or harm the success of the meeting, even if the interview is virtual.

Do not turn off or mute mobile devices: if they ring in the interview, it can be seen as disrespectful towards recruiters, so it is better to keep them silent or turn them off and not use them during the interview.