4 Tactics to Keep Your B2B Leads Growing

B2B Leads Growing

Any company in the B2B sector knows that achieving continuous and constant growth of their B2B leads is the only way to survive in a competitive market and make their business successful

In this article we are going to take a closer look at four tactics that will help your B2B leads to keep growing: optimizing your content strategies, automating marketing, personalizing your campaigns, and strategic use of LinkedIn.

Optimize your content strategies

The best way to get B2B leads is to build a strategy focused on your industry, your product and, very importantly, on your buyer personas. The alignment of the marketing and sales teams is essential, both have to experiment, contribute and implement new ways to acquire B2B leads; always supported by an effective content strategy.

These are some key points to optimize your content marketing strategy:

  1. Prioritize the type of content that generates leads: At this point, the feedback from the sales team is essential as they can contribute their knowledge about the main concerns and pain points of potential customers. Similarly, your support is also imperative in determining whether current content is attracting the right leads.
  2. Look for close interactions: The B2B sales cycle is long and complex. However, we can shorten it by seeking to create a close relationship with our B2B leads. For example, proposing a call instead of a simple written answer.
  3. Get the most out of email marketing: Send personalized emails with interesting content for each user profile. They are a perfect way to capture their interest and promote continuous communication.
  4. Create evergreen content that continuously generates B2B leads: Instead of generating short and outdated content, concentrate your efforts on generating long and valuable texts that answer common doubts.
  5. Post valuable content that demonstrates your knowledge of the sector : Success stories, news, recent studies, tutorials, etc.

Bet on the automation of marketing and sales

The automation of marketing and sales is the main support so that companies in the B2B sector can attend to continuous growth of their leads. This tactic is great for your team to save time. By solving small tasks automatically, your sales and marketing teams can take on more specific and advanced actions. 

At the same time, the automation of marketing and sales allows to shorten response times; favoring the satisfaction of the target customer. We also have the possibility of personalizing the messages based on the moment of the conversion funnel in which they are, guiding the first contacts and maintaining a valuable relationship with existing clients.

Similarly, this tactic is used to detect the most interesting leads and assign different priorities to maximize profits.

B2B Strategies to get more new leads

Customize your marketing campaigns

The customization of your campaigns can focus on seeking the conversion of certain accounts or the promotion of a specific product.

In the first case, we would talk about account based marketing , a tactic that consists of focusing on the specific accounts that are most interesting for our business. In this case, we work on a strategy that aims to convert to that specific account or account. To do this, we will work on the following points:

  1. The creation of a specific landing with a personalized message.
  2. Elaboration of articles focused on explaining how our company can help these specific accounts.
  3. Publications in social networks highlighting those same messages.
  4. Offer of premium content to help us achieve our goal.

In the second case, we would be facing a strategy focused on highlighting a specific product or service of the company that seeks a constant generation of B2B leads. In this case, some of the most common actions are:

  1. Creation of a landing page that highlights the virtues of the product or service.
  2. Elaboration of various contents focused on its advantages.
  3. Publications on social media to promote the product or the content about it.

Use LinkedIn to get B2B leads

If you’ve ever wondered which social network your buyer persona are on, the answer is LinkedIn. Therefore, finding a group related to your business model and becoming an active participant is key to obtaining B2B leads.

Search for groups on LinkedIn using the main keywords of your business and look at those that are large and active. Once you are inside you can start working on your strategy, actively publish valuable contentparticipate in conversations, share and like the content of other users; always avoiding excessive self-promotion.

Simply by being an active part of the group you can start to get leads, although you can also take the initiative and start the conversation with those users who have been receptive to your content.

Mastering digital marketing in the B2B sector is key to standing out in a saturated market. In this context, one of the best allies for these companies to obtain quality B2B leads is content marketing; betting at all times on optimized strategies that from an inbound perspective manage to make users fall in love. 

Another basic support to be able to serve a growing volume of users is the automation of marketing that, together with a personalization focused on the user or on the product, helps to maximize the number of conversions.

Without forgetting to undoubtedly highlight the potential of social media for any type of company, LinkedIn being the main ally of the B2B sector to get quality leads.