5 benefits that your online store has a delivery service

Benefits to have a delivery

Having an online store is not enough, there is a big problem that many people have to face when making purchases online.

If you are an entrepreneur and you have an online store, you must have delivery. Why? What benefits does having it give your store?

There are many benefits that having delivery brings, it does not matter if you have a restaurant, clothing store or an electronics store. You have to know that your business does not have to be on the internet just for the sake of it.

The importance

With this “new normal”, companies and small businesses have been forced to adapt in order to survive in the market.

Currently, large companies with delivery services were not so affected by government regulations.

Hugo App’s regional marketing director , Pedro Pablo Donis, assured in an interview with a local newspaper that before March last year, orders had grown by 20%.

But at the end of March, due to the effects of the pandemic, that figure would have reached 40%.

Control of sales and orders

It is important to have control of the sales that are made in your business, not only for accounting, but also to make an analysis of your market.

You will be able to find which products are sold the most, from which region or area they buy more from you, at what time you generate more orders, among others.

You can manage them from your website or if you have partnered with one of the apps with a delivery service such as Uber Eats, Rappi, Hugo or Globo.

These apps allow you to have control of the orders that your business receives. Some even allow you to monitor delivery drivers to give them more information about your customers.

Increase sales

If your store does not have delivery, even if you sell the best food in the world, even if you have the best products of all, your sales may not increase.

A good delivery service will increase your sales and improve your production without the need for a physical location and will give a huge boost to your business.

It is advisable to have both options, a physical location and your delivery service. In this way you will provide options to customers who prefer to go to the premises or who are passing through and need to buy something.

Save time for your clients

When I look for a store on the internet, I make sure it has delivery, because I don’t want to go to the store to pick up my product.

The same thing happens to many, many people. Now with the effect that the pandemic had on most businesses, delivery services have become crucial for businesses.

Nowadays people are looking for comfort and what better comfort than shopping from home?

Greater scope of sale

If before you were limited to people going to your store, with a good delivery service, you will have access to sell your products to a wider area.

With this you will have more possibilities of growth because your clients will recommend you with people who live close to where they are and with this your sales will increase.

Customer loyalty

When a loyal customer who lives far from your premises knows that you have delivery, they will need to buy something from you for the simple fact that they like what you sell.

I give you the example of a friend of mine who likes McDonald’s hamburgers a lot. When the McDonald’s App was launched in the country with the delivery option, he did not hesitate to order something.

He is happy for the simple fact that now he does not have to leave the house for his favorite restaurant to bring his food to the house.

Creating customer loyalty is important for your sales to continue growing. The delivery service is a great opportunity to do so, for the benefits mentioned above.

Final words

Having an online store without delivery is useless. It does not matter what type of product you sell, you have to have a delivery service yes or yes.

Remember that people today look for ease and comfort when shopping. If your store, even if it is on the internet, does not have the ease of delivery, you will lose many customers.

Your business will increase sales and you will have the possibility of launching new products or options that may interest your customers based on the analytics of your delivery service.