5 tricks to avoid being overweight with teleworking

avoid being overweight with teleworking

Yes, teleworking has made our habits have changed, but in addition to bringing benefits, it has brought some more negative things. More sedentary lifestyle, and as we have the refrigerator nearby, we eat more. Write down these tips to avoid being overweight with teleworking.

And it is that we increase the consumption of foods high in fats and sugars and this translates into being overweight with fatal consequences.

1. Prepare the menu in advance

Germaine de Capuccini Goya recommends that the ideal is to prepare a menu at the beginning of each week. Sometimes it is difficult to get it to be 100% healthy; you have to combine dishes in a balanced way, with recipes made from natural ingredients, prioritizing fruits and vegetables, lean meats, fish.

2. Conscious purchase

In addition, we will make a conscious purchase for the whole week, as long as we have made a list of products before. We will go shopping without hunger, because if the whims do not come and if we have it at home, we will surely make use of it as soon as we have anxiety about teleworking.

3. The Batchcooking Technique

From Germaine de Capuccini Goya they explain what this really fashionable technique consists of and that we can incorporate to avoid being overweight with teleworking.

It consists of cooking meals during the weekend and storing them in the fridge. They will keep without problems and you will only have to heat them during the lunch break.

4. Drink water

To avoid biting and hunger, it is perfect to hydrate ourselves and drink water. So it is better to leave a bottle of water on the worktable; In this way, we will control our appetite and differentiate real from emotional hunger.

5. Rest, exercise, stretching …

In addition experts from the center recommend drawing on strategies for the active stay even when working at home: make periodic breaks and get up, quantifying the steps we take to the day with the help of wearables, exercise with home furnishings, stretching p ara avoid bad posture, climb the stairs, go for a walk every day.

With these healthy habits, you can beat obesity through teleworking which seems to be here to stay. This practice is still new for many people, so what we must do is stop and set certain hours because otherwise you could be hooked on the computer all day and it is harmful to your body and mind.