9 Tips to Close More B2B Sales This 2021

tips to close more B2B sales
tips to close more B2B sales

One of the central goals of most companies is to achieve more B2B sales. But it is true that selling to other businesses can get a bit complicated. However, it is not impossible. You just have to consider a good strategy.

When you work from business to business, you make greater profits than when you sell products or services directly to consumers. Of course, you should also be aware that sales cycles will be longer than when you sell to people. 

Therefore, it is essential that you work on your strategy to achieve more B2B sales. There are many expert recommendations that can be of great help during this process. The idea is that you can apply each of these tips to the plan you have in mind.

Keys for you to close more B2B sales

If this year you want to close more B2B sales compared to the previous year, then knowing some tips will be very useful. So pay attention that below you will observe some that you can implement in your strategy:

1. Subscribe to the contents of your potential client

Knowing what your goal does and shares is key for you to approach it in the right way. And the best way to do it is by subscribing to its content, either through a newsletter, blog or social mediaThese are the channels where they usually share valuable materials. 

The idea is that you follow them so that you see their updates frequently. In this way, you can understand what your business priorities are and get to know your potential customers. This information will facilitate the B2B sales process, since you will be able to create an offer capable of helping your prospect with their customers.

2. Go to the decision makers

Knowing who to contact when presenting your proposals and offers is essential to be successful in your sales. Usually, companies put their buyers and managers at the forefront of negotiations. However, although they have a certain capacity for influence, they are not the ones who make the relevant decisions.

So don’t be surprised if you see that some B2B sellers don’t go through this filter. They often go directly to those who have power over purchasing decisions. Think that although it may be more like dealing with buyers or managers, they do not have a budget.

Those who have the authority to make an investment in what you offer are the executives responsible for the decisions. Keep in mind that they are the ones with the budget to close a sale.

3. Show objectives and real results

Do you want to be successful in negotiations with companies? So avoid selling your products or services to them from the beginning. What interested companies want you to show them are tangible objectives and results that are really possible to achieve.

Perhaps previously it was possible to close sales by talking about the characteristics or benefits of what you offered. But today you have to focus on selling the total results at the commercial level. You have to show interested companies that your products or services can help them achieve their goals.

4. Present your value proposition clearly and precisely

Keep in mind that at the time of submitting your proposal you are going to address large companies. For this reason, you cannot waste time: you have to make a presentation clearly and precisely. On certain occasions, B2B sales are not successful because sellers do not know how to point out what differentiates them from the competition and claim their added value. 

The recommended thing in this case is that you write your value proposition and memorize the most important data. In this way, you can use them at any time during your presentation. It is essential that you prepare, since this will be the best way to attract companies to be able to close more profitable B2B sales.

5. Have a meeting with the executives

Once you have completed the steps above, you need to meet with the executives who are in charge of making the decisions. Yes, the same ones you addressed in the beginning, as they are the ones who have the authority and budget to close the sale.

In this meeting is where you will try to sell them what you offer. It is the right time to close the sale directly. Put all your effort to make this meeting happen, since it is a significant investment. 

Don’t make the usual mistake some sellers make of pretending to close B2B sales over a phone call. The most advisable thing is that it be in person or, failing that, through a virtual conference. This can define whether you make the sale or lose it.

6. Keep premium prices

Some sales executives have the false belief that if they lower their premium prices, they will get more interest from companies. Remember that big companies really care about the value you provide and the results they can achieve. 

By lowering costs, what you can do is attract prospects who do not have the economic possibility to invest in solutions. In this sense, if you are looking to increase your sales, keep your premium prices. You will see how you sell more frequently and earn better prospects.

7. Inquire to know the needs and challenges

It is essential that you are clear about those needs or challenges that the company wants to overcome. If you understand the current situation of the company you want to sell to, it will be much easier to convince them to take the action.

Find out key things like the problems they face or the cost of their monthly and yearly challenges. Once you have the answers to those questions, you can start working more focused on your B2B sales strategy.

8. Master your emotional side

Communicating with senior managers can be a bit intimidating, further complicating sales. However, it is not something impossible to achieve. One of the best techniques you can apply is mastering your emotions.

During these negotiation processes you cannot take anything personally. You have to be calm and show it, not only when speaking, but also through body language. The client cannot perceive your nervousness or insecurities, because that can influence their final decision.

9. Provide more than one option in your proposals

Many make the mistake of offering potential clients only one option when presenting their proposal. You have to avoid this mistake, because the same prospects will be in charge of looking for better alternatives among the competition.

Given this, what you should do is have at least three proposals with different prices, products or services. Thus, interested companies can choose the option that best suits their needs and budget. Do not think that by doing this customers will opt for the cheapest. They may go for the more expensive one.

Extra data to have more B2B sales

There are some factors that are of great relevance in this B2B sales process and that will be of great help to you. These can help you better focus your proposal to reach the clients you long for:

  • Carry out a market study: this will allow you to know the current state of demand for your products or services. In addition, you can analyze the competitors in your segment and evaluate their techniques and strategies to find out what your prospects receive from other sources.
  • Define your buyer persona: you have to determine which companies fit the profile you are looking for. In this case you need to have information related to the context of the business with which you are interested in negotiating. 
  • Create a buyer’s journey map: it is a way to facilitate the user’s work, since you will guide them yourself. The idea is that you can identify it and track where it is.
  • Qualify leads: this is a lead that is already prepared for a direct sales offer. You can determine this by asking what problem you want to solve, if you have already tried to fix it, and if so, why it didn’t work.
  • Plan meetings: you already know that this is very important. One of the key factors to effectively close your sales.
  • Close the deal:  Closing the sale does not mean that everything is over. You must highlight the payment terms that will be exchanged for the product and make sure that the customer receives what is agreed in the agreement.
  • Measure the results: it is not just about selling, but about knowing if the results were really what you expected. You have to measure them frequently to see if it requires improvement.

Improve your performance with B2B

With all these recommendations, you are ready to close more B2B sales efficiently. You just have to structure your proposal following this scheme and you will see that the rest will flow without any kind of difficulty or problem.