According to a former Goldman Sachs executive, four cryptocurrencies will achieve as much success as BTC and ETH

Goldman Sachs

Raoul Pal, investor and former executive of the prestigious bank Goldman Sachs, only four cryptocurrencies will achieve the same success of Bitcoin and Ethereum over time.

For this expert, although many cryptocurrencies have managed to revalue, a good part of these will not be able to sustain themselves for long, nor achieve the levels of adoption that the two main cryptocurrencies have achieved.

According to what is reviewed by Cointelegraph, there are currently more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies on the market. But according to Pal, many lack purpose, so in his opinion, only four will manage to increase their price more than 1000% in the coming years.

The investor considers that one of these promising cryptocurrencies is SOL, a native token of the smart contracts platform Solana (SOL). Which according to him, seems to be following Ethereum, since he is sure that “the graphics are identical”.

The other cryptocurrencies on Pal’s list correspond to platforms for the construction of smart contracts, decentralized finance, Daaps, NFT, CBDC and other blockchain applications.

In this regard, Pal expressed “the others that are in a phase of rapid growth and rapid adoption, where exponential price increases are seen more than anything else, are obviously Terra , probably Avalanche and probably Polkadot.”

It is worth mentioning that, currently, technical data suggests that DOT could reach a new record close to $75. In case it manages to rise above the range of $41 to $43 in a forceful way.

It is important to mention that the cryptocurrency had increased 30% during the past week, when it reached its maximum of five months, hovering around 44 dollars. At the same time that the market showed remarkable growth and the news of the first parachain auctions emerged.

In the future, the developers intend to introduce a cross-chain function to connect with external blockchains and launch “built-in bridge modules” that will improve the interoperability of those chains with Polkadot.