Alleged Anonymous Video Threatens Elon Musk For Manipulating Bitcoin

Anonymous Video Threatens Elon Musk For Manipulating Bitcoin

The damaging statements against Bitcoin by the CEO of Tesla, have caused an alleged video of Anonymous to lash out against him.

In an alleged Anonymous video posted on social media, the hacking group threatens Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The video shows a long list of accusations against the millionaire. Next, the individual with the characteristic mask of the computer group, assures that Musk must pay for the manipulation of the price of the cryptocurrency.

Although it is not clear if the authorship of the audiovisual material is Anonymous, the truth is that it has already gone viral on social networks. Likewise, a number of major news outlets have replicated its content. The accusations against Musk are varied and many of them are long-standing and have been forgotten. Other accusations do not seem very realistic.

If one thing is clear, it is that the tycoon’s attitude against Bitcoin mining has not been well regarded by many. Above all, taking into account that the real impact of mining on the environment has not yet been determined. It is, according to many analysts, an irresponsible accusation which is not based on strong evidence.

What does the alleged Anonymous video accuse Elon Musk of?

Although the list of allegations in the alleged Anonymous video against Musk is extensive, some of the most important are reviewed here. The most curious of all is the well-known fact that Tesla’s fortune does not come from the sale of electric vehicles, but from government subsidies. In addition, it is highlighted that the bitcoins bought by the company recently were acquired with that public money.

Other accusations in the video show press clippings denouncing child exploitation in the lithium mines. It should be taken into account that this mineral is essential to make the batteries for the electric cars of the Tesla company.

In the audiovisual, it is ensured that Musk is fully aware of the true scope of Bitcoin mining. Despite this, it insists on accusing the Proof-of-Work of a pollutant due to pressure and threats it received from its “ main sources of income”.

Against this, they continue, Musk is trying to show an image that plays both sides. In this way, his attempt to create a Mining Council is a centralizing attempt to control the industry related to the most important of the cryptocurrencies in market capitalization.

On the other hand, the alleged Anonymous video launches offensive accusations of a personal nature that are not worthy of analysis in this work.

Disregard for the welfare of working people

Another of the accusations that have had the greatest impact is that Musk would have disregard for the well-being of average workers. In that sense, it is criticized that, from his millionaire mansion, he publishes messages with the intention of making the value of Bitcoin fall. With this, it would harm the future of thousands of people who have put the investments of their lives in that digital asset.

At the same time, an alleged mistreatment by Musk against his own workers is pointed out. If to this is added, the aforementioned child exploitation in lithium mines abroad, one is in the presence of serious accusations.

The alleged Anonymous video also mentions another known fact regarding the “regime change” policies of the United States. During the coup in Bolivia, which overthrew the legitimate president to install a regime fond of Washington, Musk was sympathetic to the action.

With a synthesis of the most prominent accusations against the tycoon Elon Musk, it only remains to know if the video is legitimate. That is, if it really belongs to the authorship of the activist hacking group Anonymous.

The authorship of the controversial audiovisual work

Although the alleged Anonymous video has quickly spread among the mainstream media, it is not ruled out that it is not legitimate. A review of the main accounts of the hacker group raises doubts about it.

Thus, the account of the social network Twitter, YourAnonNews, which has almost 7 million followers, denied having anything to do with the video. It should be noted that it was published in an account with less than 160 thousand followers.

Another account of the activist hacking group @BscAnon also denied participation in the audiovisual work. “That’s not our video for Elon Musk, for the record, ” they wrote.

As for YouTube, the account where the video was published, as already highlighted, has 153 thousand followers and was created in 2015. For its part, the group’s central account , created in 2012, has more than three million affiliates . In addition, the latter did not post the video or any other link referring to it.

Data to take into consideration

  • The activist hacker account Anonymous would have posted an alleged video exposing the negative actions of Elon Musk.
  • Among the accusations there are some true and transparently demonstrable and others not so much.
  • Some of the official accounts of Anonymous have not spoken to assume the responsibility of the video. Others have denied having any relationship with it.
  • Among the most serious accusations against Musk is that of enriching himself with government subsidies and not with the sale of electric cars.
  • They also accuse him of mistreating their own workers and of being behind the exploitation of children in lithium mines in foreign nations.