Bitcoin was not hacked by the FBI

FBI Bitcoin Hack

Despite what the rumors indicate, the Bitcoin Blockchain was not hacked by the FBI, but only an online wallet.

During the last hours, a new wave of panic has gripped the crypto world. This after the FBI managed to recover the bitcoins stolen during the ransomware against Colonial Pipeline. Leading many users to believe that the US government had been able to hack the BTC Blockchain, making it unsafe. However, as Tyler Winklevoss explains in the Tweet of the day, Bitcoin was not hacked by the FBI.

Can the FBI hack Bitcoin?

One of the most important news in recent weeks was the ransomware launched against Colonial Pipeline, an oil pipeline that is responsible for supplying fuel to much of the east coast of the United States. With hackers blocking its operation until the management company paid a ransom of around 75 BTC to cybercriminals.

However, a few days ago the FBI announced to the public that in a computer operation it had been able to recover 64 of the BTC paid for the Colonial Pipeline ransom. Which is equivalent to the recovery of around 2.3 million dollars. Leading immediately many users of the crypto world began to wonder if the US agency had been able to break the security of the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Of course, it soon became clear that the FBI only breached the security of the wallet in which the cybercriminals had kept their money. Well, they made the mistake of using an online wallet, easily traceable instead of a cold wallet. Which did not prevent panic from seizing many users who began to sell in disarray, leading Tyler Winklevoss to publish a tweet in an attempt to clarify the situation:

“Bitcoin was not hacked by the FBI. This FUD has created a great buying opportunity.”

Although of course, Tyler is right to point out that crypto users can buy cheap Bitcoin thanks to the panic generated by the FBI operation. The truth is that, if the US agency could so easily enter the wallet where cybercriminals kept their loot. This calls into question the security of the entire infrastructure created around the crypto market.