China aims to continue expanding and surpass the United States

China aims to continue expanding and surpass the United States

It is no secret that China has always had a tense political relationship with the United States. From the tariff war to the current competition. This to define who has a speedy economic recovery, the United States and China have defined a course in their foreign policy. And now, again, influential people in the government, show that China aims to continue expanding. And surpass the United States.

Likewise, the subject to be debated is once again the economic one. What will this determination hold for the future of US-Chinese diplomatic relations? This, now that China has shown that it aims to continue shipping.

Chinese economist uses opening speech to discuss competition with the US

A Chinese economist, from a major conglomerate in the country, was the focus of this event. Well, he focused on giving his opinion on international politics rather than growth prospects.

“We are going through a cognitive revolution. So today my talk will not be the dissemination of an economic report. Thus began his speech Liu Yuhui. He is the director of a financial research department in a government think tank, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

His speech was made on Friday. This was at the investment strategy conference of asset manager ChinaAMC. Founded in 1998, ChinaAMC is one of the largest mutual fund managers in the country. And it claims 1.54 trillion yuan ($240.63 billion) in assets under management.

In this way, the organizers announced Liu’s talk as a discussion on macroeconomic issues for the second half of the year. But the presentation slides were titled “The Bipolar World. This under the cycle of super expansion of the US dollar: the ‘cognitive revolution’ of the Chinese capital market”.

For his part, Liu, also chief economist at Tianfeng Securities, echoed that line. This was when he spoke confidently of China’s ability to achieve its goal of becoming a “great nation.”

Finally, he added that the once-a-century opportunities would arise from a “struggle for supremacy” between the United States and China. Well, China aims to continue expanding.

The Asian giant will continue to advance, regardless of whether it must continue to compete with the United States

The United States is the world’s largest economy, while China is the second and is catching up. The two countries have been embroiled in mounting tensions in recent years. Starting with commerce and extending into finance and technology.

Helping China, in Liu’s view, is the American adoption of a dollar printing policy since the coronavirus pandemic. For Liu, that policy reflects the irreversible change. Which, among other things, has direct consequences for China’s goal of controlling inflation domestically.

However, Liu left no doubts about whether China could manage to maintain its growth. Likewise, echoing the confidence in Beijing, he said that China’s determination would allow the country to resist the effects of US policy. This is weakening the US economy and strengthening China.

Crypto plays an important role in China’s strengthening path

For Liu, staying in line with the Chinese government’s directives will be even more critical. This for national investment in light of developments. A prime example is the controversial speech by Alibaba founder Jack Ma last fall. And the subsequent suspension of the Ant Group IPO.

In addition, he said mainland Chinese stocks with the highest likelihood of big gains will be those in the new energy, seed, optical and semiconductor industries, among others.

Finally, as for digital currencies, on which the Chinese authorities have stepped up their crackdown this year, Liu also laid out them in geopolitical terms.

“In my opinion,” he said, “it’s just America’s way of tempting Chinese capital. This in its international growth».