Content Operations: know the key to real performance

Content Operations Marketing Works
Content Operations Marketing Works

What is content operations and why is it important to a successful digital marketing strategy? Continue reading to find out!

Content operations marketing is one of the best strategies you can use a company to reach new leads and create a lasting relationship with customers. 

That’s why Marketing professionals around the world choose this technique to increase lead generation and engagement. 

According to the Content Marketing Institute,  77% of all Internet users read blogs and 61% of them have made purchases from the interaction with these contents.

This is why Content Operations is such an important part of doing business in the digital landscape. It is the strategy that your company needs to ensure that the content is optimized and prepared for publication, without losing quality over time.

But, how does the Content Operation work to create the ideal Digital Marketing strategy ? 

What are Content Operations?

Content Operations, or Content-Ops, are all the efforts that occur in the background of a Content Marketing strategy to make it work perfectly. 

In general, Content Operations involve people, processes and technologies to some extent. They are responsible for creating, distributing, and maintaining content for an organization.

Content-Ops, therefore, are made up of tasks such as:

  • align content and business priorities;
  • ensure that all departments collaborate in building a content strategy;
  • discover how to engage users with CTAs and generate leads ;
  • discover which assets are ideal for converting customers.

Why are Content Operations so important?

We are not exaggerating when we value Content Operations as a key strategic element. If effective, these efforts will give your organization a plan to follow to create content that connects with your audience.

Every organization that produces content has a form of Content Operations that works in the background, but not all have effective Content-Ops. That is: people who follow optimized processes and use technology to develop the best possible content for the buyer persona.

Good Content-Ops effort will always ensure that people, processes, and technology are aligned for best results. 

With the growing need to create better content to attract leads, Content-Ops has quickly become one of the most important tasks in a marketing strategy.

Here are some of the reasons why it is such an important business asset:

Creation of quality content for your brand

The main reason a business may need Content Operations is the need to create content that is engaging and delivers real value to the consumer throughout its lifecycle.

As the digital landscape becomes more competitive,  and l high-quality content is what your company needs to impress consumers, and Content Operations are the tool most likely to get you there. 

Produce relevant content with greater agility

Content-Ops are the key to business because they establish processes that facilitate the creation of content quickly. 

In a world where things are constantly changing and improving, this is the safest way to deliver relevant content to your prospects on time.

Standardization of your content to fit the brand

Creating content that looks and feels like your brand is also important to make sure your customers know who they are interacting with. 

Another great benefit of Content-Ops is defining the types of content your company produces and why. 

This standardization will help ensure that all your content exists for a reason and do your part in the grand scheme of your Digital Marketing plan.

What are the main elements of Content Operations?

So what are the main elements of Content Operations and how do they work together to make sure your business produces better content? 

People, processes, and technology are the key to Content-Ops success. 

Let’s take a look at each pillar!


People can be a great challenge for Content-Ops, since organizations with little development in this tend to allow users to choose how to work and not follow a common thread of the strategy.

Defining clear roles for each member of your organization is, therefore, the first step to improve Content-Ops in your business. 

When you have clear job descriptions, and there are no overlaps on how your team works, you can create better content. 

Try to make a map of your staff and see how each member of your team contributes to the success of your Digital Marketing plan. This will be the cornerstone to successfully carry out Content Ops.


Well-organized workflows and processes are other of the pillars of Content-Ops. 

Having clearly defined frameworks and workflows will help you keep your content up to date and ready to be published at the right time.

Do you know what each member of your team is doing and how? What is to be done first? 

Defining your team’s workflow starts with looking at each stage of content creation, from planning to publishing.

One way to make sure your processes work is to create content style guides for your team. 

Defining content types and creating templates are two other excellent actions for organizing your processes. 

All those tools will ensure that your team follows a working model that ensures ownership and maintenance of content. That means you’ll be able to deliver quality content that can be easily optimized and updated over time.


Choosing the right tools for your Content-Ops also plays an important role in your success. That’s especially difficult given that there are many different content tools that a business can use to generate similar results.

While niche products can give you the idea that you are creating better content, the large number of technical resources available in the market and the speed with which they are updated is a challenge for marketers. 

Some companies choose to use a single content tool to make things less complicated. Others prefer to create a portfolio of tools, assigning for a certain task.

To ensure that your Content-Ops technology is working as a strategic resource for the company, be sure to verify the following characteristics:


Content is almost never published in the order it is produced. It is often published following an editorial calendar that will help you create an effective sales funnel.

This is why a good Content-Ops tool must have scheduling capabilities. This way, it will be easier to produce and share content on your channels.

Task management

Each member of your team participates in Content Marketing. Managing tasks in Content Operations tools will help ensure that collaborators know what to do next and have access to required resources.

Analytics and reports

A good tool should be able to tell you how your content is performing and how to improve it. 

Easy-to-understand reporting features and analysis tools will make a big difference in the effectiveness of a Content Marketing resource.

How to choose a good platform for my Content-Op?

Now that you know everything important about Content Operations, it is time for you to choose a platform to help you with this task. 

Choosing the right platform means making sure you have all the tools at hand to develop a content strategy that works. 

Here are some tips on how to do it!

Communicate with other clients

The Internet is a great place to find opinions on products and services such as Content-Ops platforms. 

Finding out how other customers rank a tool can help you decide if it is right for your business or not.

Look up reviews online and talk to your coworkers about which Content Operations tool they use. This will make a big difference when analyzing the market options.

Find automated tools

While looking for a Content Operations platform, prioritize those that offer  automation tools  to make your work easier. 

When you eliminate or reduce the need to perform tasks manually, you make life easier for the people who produce content in your business and lower the chances of errors in the process.

Find a platform that has SEO optimization tools

Your SEO strategy  is essential to ensure that your content is translated into leads and new business opportunities. 

That is why you should always look for a platform that allows the SEO optimization of your content, even those published before its implementation, through reviews and updates.

Content Operations is a hot topic in Content Marketing right now, and your business can benefit greatly from this. 

Good Content-Ops will help you organize and facilitate the creation of content to grow your audience and obtain better results with Inbound Marketing. Without a doubt, they should be a priority for any organization.