Entrepreneurship: How do crises bring out our best ideas?

Entrepreneurship Crisis Bring Best Ideas

In the world of entrepreneurship and business, it is normal that all of us who at some point have the dream of creating a company that provides us with a better quality of life, look up, taking as an example great celebrities and successful mega entrepreneurs, who they built a whole from nothing; However, if we lower our gaze and take the actions that many of the street traders carry out, we can be pleasantly surprised and why not, a strategic plan that allows us to implement various methodologies in our future project.

Tour the street entrepreneurship

The street and family market offers conditions that, although they are not similar in volume, they can be similar to the world of the high businessman, being involved in some needs typical of any business system, such as positioning, marketing, investment, location, delivery. of value, supply and demand among others.

It is clear that the street merchant manages every day to survive in an extremely competitive environment, that is why his creativity and skill, to contribute differentiating elements to his product is amazing, going through the use of the extravagant, funny and innovative is Of course, sometimes the fact of making a striking product, generating multiple sensations in those who appreciate it, is enough to start driving sales indicators.

Who has not heard a street vendor sing choruses, announcing his products out loud? The way in which each seller uses their language to advertise what they sell is a clear example of positioning and marketing since it generates a frame in their buyers who anticipate their arrival and the purchase of their products, being key steps to increase their entrepreneurial capacity.

Don’t waste any more time!

While we spent hours and hours watching how Warren Buffet reached his riches, it may be enough to go out to the market place to enter the harsh and complex world of informal businesses, taking the opportunity to get some advice from them, it should also be noted that many Of the companies that dominate today’s market, emerged from these informal models and it was their striking characteristics that put them in the place they occupy today.

Approaching our street vendors and asking them how do they do it? their figures, their methods, their own aspects, their areas and everything we can, surely we will find, after all this, an immense passion for what they do, and this passion is one of the key aspects to take to use them in our projects, At the same time we will realize that the human being, when forced to act with limited tools, ignites their ability to innovate and solve their difficulties, this is a great disadvantage for the business model that we implement today because we try to have the best tools, in many cases letting technology do the hard work for us, avoiding responsibility to act, innovate and generate new ideas.


It is important to approach those who every day are faced with an infinity of obstacles in their businesses and who solve them with the most limited resources, likewise we can learn from the undertaking of every aspect that people with low resources live, from finances of the home, saving methods, marketing, innovation and projection into the future, also taking advantage of to offer them a little of our knowledge, allowing us to improve or change habits and techniques that we know are wrong, contributing to the improvement of the economy in general and the promotion of entrepreneurship.