How to Improve Online Lead Management

Improve Online Lead Management
Improve Online Lead Management

Do you want to know what online lead management is? The acquisition of prospects and leads through the Internet can be defined as the customer acquisition process that identifies potential buyers (leads), interacts with them and offers a value proposition to the potential customer. It is de fi nitive, one of the biggest challenges that sales and marketing departments have.

But … is our lead management process efficient?

Many companies have realized that to grow or maintain their sales level, they must have a continuous lead capture program and that many of these prospects or leads will be obtained from PPC campaigns through our landing page or website. But, how can we improve the management of these leads to be more efficient?

Below we analyze the key points to improve the strategy of attracting and managing leads:

1. Identify, define and understand the ideal lead for your company

On many occasions there is a disconnect between the sales team and the rest of the company, which is why it is very important to define what a potential customer is and transmit it to the entire company.

First, the marketing team must identify the prototype client or buyer persona, identifying the following aspects:

  • Demographic profile: Where do our potential customers reside? What age range? How many median incomes? What type of industry do they work in? What are their problems? And their needs?
  • Behavior: In what media can we find them: social media, blogs, search engines …? How do they search for our products?
  • Lead source: What is the most frequent source? Do they come from direct traffic? Advertising campaigns? Social networks?

Once identified, we can already get an idea of ​​the ideal client for your products or services. However, the more information we get about our typical customer, the easier it will be for the sales and marketing team to capture new leads.

2. Implement a software or CRM for lead management

In order for our recruitment process to be as efficient as possible, we must use a lead manager or CRM that allows us to easily have a global vision of the status of each lead. There are many CRMs that include the “pipeline” functionality, but it must be taken into account that a CRM must be chosen that suits the needs of our company and not the other way around.

If, on the contrary, we already have a CRM with the leads functionality, we should integrate all our lead generation channels, such as the blog, the landing page and the contact form of our website so that, automatically, new leads are automatically imported into our CRM.

3. Rate leads to prioritize

The scoring of new leads or the lead scoring is a key part in the potential customer management process and it will help us to prioritize the actions of our sales team, since it is very likely that if we have an adequate recruitment strategy, we are going to generate a number of leads high enough to have to apply a score.

The information obtained is important and necessary when considering a potential client since:

  • The higher the score, the greater the probability of converting that lead into a customer.
  • The time factor is decisive since the score is assigned to the leads based on the interactions they have had on our blog, landing page or email.
  • Unqualified leads can enter the sales automation phase.
  • The sales team can prioritize calls based on the activity of each lead.

The score of each lead in your company will depend on several factors that you need to determine depending on the business model. We recommend spending some time analyzing the prevailing factors and using them for lead scoring.

4. Assign the quick leads to the sales team

The sales team is trained to manage a large number of leads, but sometimes they are late due to previous treatment. Lead scoring will help us identify the potential customers who are most likely to convert and, therefore, it is those that should be dealt with immediately. When a lead is sent to the sales team, it must be done strategically.

5. Measure and analyze leads

The marketing team must measure, analyze and track to know which acquisition channels are more efficient and profitable. Also, once a lead enters the funnel, we have to make the lead move through the sales cycle.