How to make yourself visible in your new job?

make yourself visible in your new job

When we come to a job, it is necessary to develop a strategy to achieve authentic and effective visibility. Our experience and talents must be aligned with the results that the organization expects in the short and medium-term, explains Alfredo Alfaro, author of the book “First People, then Professionals”, who shared some tips to achieve this goal on LinkedIn. context, remember that it is necessary to have structured the first plays that must be made in the new house and cite the following steps that will allow you to achieve strategic and effective visibility:

1. Project your presence in the long term

Ask yourself how you can create value with your management based on your experience. Establish your star project, which will have an impact in a period of 4 to 6 months. Critical thinking and strategic vision should allow you to identify hidden opportunities.

2. Avoid slowing down the pace of work in the short term

The system cannot perceive the absence of the person you are replacing. You must start to get small victories quickly. Review the indicators of your management and two things should happen in the first month: Maintain them or go up. Do not generate doubts about your hiring.

3. Validate the initial expectations they have of you 

Check that your goals are aligned with those of your leader. One issue is the interview and a very different one is reality. Be assertive with the “can’t”. Don’t say “yes” to everything without knowing how the organization works.

4. Build alliances, identify key people within the company 

Don’t let them tell your boss: “He hasn’t shown up with me yet.” Build synergies and support by clearly knowing who is who. The first meetings with your peers are key to understanding the roles of the system, to identifying leaders and followers. Meet with your team beforehand so that they can tell you what are the demands of the areas with which you are going to present yourself.

5. “Paint the court” 

Quickly establish the non-negotiable in your management (values) with your team, peers, suppliers and leaders. These need to “talk” to the organizational culture. The challenge lies in learning to love our process. Simplify your big goals; Identify your struggles from the first year. Don’t try to change everything at once; remember that you need the legitimacy of small achievements to achieve bigger goals.

Active break: (Give yourself a few minutes to reflect on your future with the following questions)

  • What is your medium or high-impact project in your new job?
  • What impression are you leaving with your peers, leaders and team?