Instagram extends the duration of the “Reels” up to 60 seconds

Instagram extends the duration of the reels

Last summer, Instagram announced the launch of Reels, a new way of sharing videos with a clear intention: to compete with TikTok, which has become the leader in that segment, with more than 100 million users at that time to convince to switch to Instagram. It seemed a complicated task, but they had an asset: TikTok, owned by the Chinese Bytedance, was banned in many countries, including the United States.

Reels then became the second favorite option for content creators: the ability to create 15-second videos and replicas of many of the components that made TikTok unique, convinced a large part of the more than 1 billion users of Instagram around the world.

After its initial success, Facebook decided to adapt to the needs of its users. They began doubling the duration seconds to 30, just a month after that launch and now, almost a year later, Instagram announces that it is testing a new extension of Reels, which will allow creating videos with a duration of up to 60 seconds. With this change, from Instagram they say that this change aims to better reflect “the needs of their community.”

With this objective in mind, Instagram also announces the incorporation of Insights, its analytics tool, to the format, as well as to the live broadcasts (the famous Live). From now on, Reels will incorporate new metrics, such as the number of Views, Accounts reached, Likes, Comments, Saved and Shared. For Live, the accounts reached, the peak of concurrent viewers, the shares and comments are incorporated.

These new metrics will also be included in Account Insights to offer a broader view of how Reels and Live work, and how both tools promise to stay long.