Jeff Bezos to build a hotel in space with his aerospace company

Blue Origin Hotel in the Space

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has announced plans to build a space station designed for tourism and research.

After leaving Andy Jassy at the helm of Amazon, Bezos has focused on projects that until now were secondary, including Blue Origin, his aerospace company rival to Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Unlike his great rival, Bezos has prioritized the use of his rockets and capsules for space tourism, rather than to fulfill orders from NASA and private companies.

Bezos himself was launched into space to promote his tourist trips aboard the New Shepard capsule; a new experience that can become the new trend among those who can afford it. But that will be just the beginning; after all, that trip only lasts 10 minutes and barely goes over the ‘border’ into outer space. Bezos’ plans were always more ambitious, and today he has made them public.

In collaboration with Sierra Space, Blue Origin has revealed plans to develop and build a commercial space station, called Orbital Reef, that will circle the Earth in low orbit to provide accommodation for all types of projects and private clients. Although the specific characteristics of the station have not been detailed, it is expected that it will be large enough to accommodate several modules dedicated to various functions. These modules will be of a larger diameter than usual, which will allow to obtain a greater space for experiments and to accommodate future astronauts.

Blue Origin will develop the station’s core modules, as well as the New Glenn launch system, capable of carrying more weight than New Shepard. For its part, Sierra Space will work on the modules that will be connected to the plants, and that will provide environments to support life, as well as on a spacecraft capable of transporting crew and supplies between the station and Earth.

Other companies will participate to a lesser extent, such as Boeing, which will develop the scientific module, in addition to taking care of the station’s maintenance and operations; this will allow your Starliner capsule to visit the station when it is complete. Most strikingly, Genesis Engineering Solutions is working on a vehicle that will allow one person to go out into space and work with the built-in mechanical arms.

The Orbital Reef will have two purposes: to allow the realization of scientific experiments and to promote space tourism, and the station will be open to international clients of all kinds; modules will be used for research, manufacturing, tourism, education, and more. The first modules are expected