Promote Your Brand to be the First Purchase Option on the Market

Sale More Product Market Brand
Sale More Product Market Brand

You sell a good product. Its attributes satisfy the needs of the demand with quality. Its price is competitive. Its distribution strategy places it in the main points of sale… But despite all this, your brand cannot be the first purchase option for consumers.

You may think that there is little else you can do, that you don’t have much room for maneuver. But we think so, and in this post we will tell you how a good branding strategy can make your brand become a realistic purchase option.

Branding so that your brand is the first purchase option

When it comes to acquiring a low-medium involvement product, there are three aspects related to the perception of a brand that will facilitate its purchase:

  • that the brand is recognized.
  • that the brand differentiates itself.
  • that the brand excites.

And branding is the main tool that your brand has to work on these aspects of its perception and thus become the chosen purchase option.

1. Branding for brand recognition

To this day we still do not know how some parts of the brain that govern our behavior work. However, there are numerous experiments that have shown that, when making quick decisions, the option chosen is always the best known or familiar.

The explanation is simple: when we have to make a decision, we suffer a kind of “brain stress” that makes us look for the shortest way out of that dilemma. And that is precisely what a brand achieves when it is recognized: it becomes the mental shortcut that makes it easier to decide, reducing the activity of the cortex and, consequently, the brain wear caused by that situation.

This exercise, which we already included in some of our posts, is the best way for you to check it out for yourself. Choose one of these four brands:

We are 100% sure of what your choice has been. And not because we are very smart but because most consumers tend to choose the best known brand when they are in a purchase decision process.

A good branding strategy helps to improve the recognition of a brand so that it becomes the first purchase option for consumers. And that is why at Arrontes y Barrera we insist on the need to create powerful and coherent brands, which function as mental shortcuts that facilitate the purchase of consumers.

2. Branding for brand differentiation

According to the study Meaningful Brands 2018 by Havas Group Spain, 91% of the marks are dispensable for the Spanish rather would miss if they disappeared consumer. A fact that, in addition to being a good jug of cold water, should help brands understand how important it is to carve out a hole in the consumer’s mind.

Because the fact that 4 out of 5 brands go unnoticed by consumers in Spain confirms that most of them are not carrying out a good branding strategy that makes them stand out and differentiate themselves from the others, capturing the attention of consumers. and becoming your first purchase option.

This is the case of Starbucks. Today we can affirm that it is the most popular chain of coffee shops that exists, something that it has achieved by betting on a brand positioning totally different from the rest.

Because with Starbucks a new way of drinking coffee was born. The coffee shops in this chain were conceived as unique spaces where customers could live experiences that made them feel special.

This different positioning is supported by excellent branding work that made a difference with the competition and made this brand the first purchase option for many coffee addicts.

3. Branding to awaken the emotion for the brand

Have you ever stopped to think about how consumers feel about your brand? Perhaps you have never done it before because the most common tendency is to compare brands based on the tangible aspects of their products.

However, the real battle between brands today is fought on intangible grounds and only brands that manage to establish an emotional relationship with consumers become their first purchase option. That is why we should speak of “emotion competition” instead of “product competition”.

Think of your brand and its consumer as if it were a relationship: if your brand has not awakened a special emotional bond with the consumer, infidelity is just around the corner. It will be enough that one day your product is not at its usual point of sale or its price rises slightly for the consumer to turn his back on it and change it for another that is more accessible or cheaper.

This is what we explain in this post in which we give Apple, the queen of lovemarks, as an example. His branding strategy perfectly combines the emotional with the functional to tell how an Apple product makes you feel. The result is an unstoppable “mac community”, regardless of the price of their products or the flaws they may have.

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