Thinking of buying stocks? These are the hottest trends on Reddit

Trends stocks on Reddit

WallStreetBets is the Reddit forum that was behind the historic revaluations of GameStop last January and AMC Entertainment in June, causing endless gains among its users while giving a pulse to those funds that benefit when a company sinks.

Unfortunately, not all of the bush is oregano, though, as some of these meme stocks have seen considerable declines in recent times, with AMC Entertainment experiencing extreme volatility and GameStop depreciating 50% from their June highs.

With all this, the WallStreetBets forum continues to set trends for thousands of investors. According to SwaggyStocks, a portal that tracks the most mentioned values ​​in the popular Reddit forum, these are the 10 actions that are most talked about in the last 24 hours.

– SPDR S&P 500 ETF: This index fund, one of the best known in the US, is up 18.59% so far this year and is trading above $440. By emulating the selective, its portfolio is starred by large technology and financial services. 

– Tesla: Elon Musk’s company can be considered the quintessential ‘meme action’ before ‘meme actions’ were born. With the volatility of a few years ago already calmer, it registers a fall of 3.6% so far this year. Analysts are very divided on its future: pessimists speak of a fall of up to 90% at twelve months, while optimists predict a rise of 134% on current levels.

– Nvidia: In the midst of the semiconductor crisis, Nvidia is revalued by 60% in 2021 and most experts believe that it still has a journey in the coming months. 29 of the 42 analysts who follow the company recommend its purchase, with a growth of the 12-month target price of 8%.

Amazon: The electronic sales giant is not going through its best moment on the stock market, and has fallen 1.7% so far this year. But its immense market share generates unanimity with the experts. Among them, the most pessimistic believe that it will gain 18% in the stock market in twelve months, and there are those who foresee a 56% rise to reach $5,000 per share.

– Wish: Another giant of e-commerce in low hours. It is left more than 63% so far this year despite the rise on Friday. The few analysts who study the company decide to keep it, despite which the average for its one-year target price is $10, 50% more than currently.