Tips and advice to have a winning trading system

Tips and advice to have a winning trading system

In continuation of our coverage of the Trading Mastery Summit 2021 event, the exponents of the second day showed different strategies for traders. Taking this scenario into account, tips and advice were presented that may be useful to obtain favorable results during the sessions.

In addition to the essential recommendations, such as not panic and think carefully about the movements, there are other factors that contribute to operations. After all, there are many variants that the trader must consider before determining the play.

The profitability of the securities

Within the markets, there are a variety of securities that the trader can choose to make profitable trades. However, in specific situations, some of these values ​​may represent higher earning potential over others.

In addition, he spoke about taking advantage of risk situations in the face of falling prices. He said it is not advisable to buy shares immediately just because there is a price drop. Instead, he recommended waiting for the yield to register some kind of bottom, where the volatility diminishes. This, to determine if there will be a rise with which the value rises.

Being aware of the news that affects the area where you are operating, can even notify the operator of some important change. A news story that creates a stir could directly affect the performance of the securities.

Monitoring the indicators

Other speakers at the event, Pablo Martínez and «Dani», held a trading session for the spectators. Members of the YouTube channel TRADING CERO traded on Wall Street stocks.

They emphasized strategies to be able to carry out interactions within the market successfully. Among the tips and advice they mentioned a tactic they call “pre-market.” This consists of previously searching for the most active stock values ​​of the moment.

They also commented on a technique with which they study the general trend registered. They observe not only the action they are dealing with, but also witness “the leading action” at the same time.

Among industry sectors, they compare outstanding value to what they are driving to find similarities that signal some major change to come.

In the same way, they talked about the relationship of the indicators with the individual returns of the shares. Among their advice and tips, they pointed to the market scores as influential agents in the trend.

They recommended viewing indicators such as the S&P 500 at the moment when it is being traded. The ups and downs of the indicators would represent a pattern of behavior that the sector, in general, acquires as a reflection.