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Tips to create a good content strategy on social networks


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There is so much information on social networks that it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract the attention of our audience. Therefore, creating a content strategy on social networks is an excellent way to stand out from other brands, in addition to ensuring that the message arrives correctly and is well received by our users, keeping it relevant to their interests.

Likewise, we will be able to build relationships of trust, which will, in turn, make us achieve business objectives more easily.

On the other hand, trading without a strategy could result in content that is unbalanced in tone, topic, or purpose. In the same way, it can make our efforts more challenging since we would not have a consistent goal, therefore, we would not have an exact measurement. In short, we would not know if our content is working or not and we would be publishing to publish. 

Tips for a content strategy in social networks

So that this does not happen to you, today we will give you 5 tips to create good content on social networks. 

1. Know your target audience:

How to create content if you don’t know the people you are targeting? What would you talk about? What would you offer them? How would you talk to them?

One of the key points to create a good content strategy is, without a doubt, defining and knowing your target audience. Only then can you have effective communication with them.

Marketing has evolved so much in the market that now it is no longer enough to just define where my ideal customer comes from and how he behaves. I must go further. But how do I achieve this? Investigate them. Find out their tastes, their needs, their interests, their goals, the problems that afflict them. Understand who your audience is, how they communicate and how we should approach them.

Only in this way will you be able to understand them and get, not only to sell your products or services, but you will form a connection with them. At this point it is crucial to create the buyer persona of your business.

2. Follow the changes of Facebook and other networks

It is increasingly common to see changes in the structures and content on social networks, but surely you have wondered why. These innovations are made for no other purpose than to attract the attention of users. Well they say that ‘always the same, boring’. That is why you, as a brand, have to be aware of these variations and adapt quickly.

For example, on Facebook there has been a rapid growth in the use of interactive formats, such as carousel ads. This flexibility manages to attract and involve users in the networks. It is because of them that you cannot be left behind. Follow the trends on social media to be aligned with the current and not be a ‘boring’ brand

 3. Replica your brand identity 

When creating content, you must take into account who you are, as a brand, your purpose for existence (more than selling a product, you must sell sensations and solutions) and what you want to say to your customers. This is what we call brand identity.

Therefore, just as important as creating ‘good content’ is that it is consistent with the style and voice of your company. That is, that each photo, video, among others, reflects what we, as a company, want to express.

4. Adapt the content for each social network 

It is important that you keep in mind that social media are not the same or fulfill the same functionality. Therefore, you cannot speak the same in all of them. Although we are not referring to the communication tone that you have as a brand, since this must always be maintained, we are talking about the formats, the image measurements for each social network and its structures.

A first step would be to identify what the social network you want to use is for and then know how to speak through it.

Be careful, the selection of a social network should not be connected to its popularity, but must be linked to its functionality and how it would benefit you as a brand.

To keep in mind:

Facebook: Hybrid network since it allows mixing audiovisual topics and very broad texts to generate engagement, leads and conversions.

Instagram: Inspiration platform that aims to generate interaction.

Twitter: Aim for a more informative profile.

5. Create interactive content

As we mentioned, creating content according to what your audience is looking for is very important. But what happens when these are long and static? Exactly. People don’t make the expected connection.

Including interactive content in your strategy will not only attract more visits, but will also enhance the user experience, and therefore, you will get consideration or, if they have already bought your product or service, loyalty.  

One thing to keep in mind is that using interactive content does not mean neglecting the quality of the information. Valuable data together with powerful and optimized elements will boost engagement and increase the number of leads.

Some types of interactive content for social networks could be interactive maps, 360 ° videos, infographics and interactive surveys, among others.

In conclusion, a well-thought-out strategy helps ensure that you achieve good content writing for social networks and that these are being distributed effectively.

Ben Pence
Ben Pence is a The Advertiser Mirror correspondent who covers politics, business, money, lifestyle, technologies and worldwide news. Ben is a talented guy of 22 years old who loves to write and record Podcasts as a part of his ideal to inform people about news and opinions.

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