Two children mine Ethereum in their home garage and earn $32,000 a month

Ethereum Mining

Brothers Ishaan and Aanya Thakur, 14 and 9, we’re encouraged by their parents, started mining cryptocurrencies this year and are earning more than $32,000.

From selling lemonade in the yard to mining Ethereum in your home garage. American brothers Ishaan and Aanya Thakur, 14 and 9, were encouraged by their parents, built a successful business and earn more than $32,000.

After their father told them a story about the rise of Bitcoin before going to bed, the children had dreamed of mining Ethereum to make money.

The Frisco, Texas-based brothers have seen their piggy bank grow in recent months with their own crypto mining operation.

Speaking to Dallas News, the teenager Ishaan said, “We wanted to invest in cryptocurrencies, but we didn’t have the money to buy Bitcoin. So we bought the equipment to mine it instead.”

In March they started mining with an old gaming computer, earning $1,000 the first month, last month the two young visionaries made more than $32,000.

With the money obtained, they seek to expand their business to buy more mining equipment for their companyFlifer Technologies, created on April 30.

At first, they decided that Bitcoin, the best-known crypto had become too competitive, so they opted to mine Ethereum.

Mining is the most beneficial activity in the crypto ecosystem, as well as the one with the highest costs. The best-known system -as we mentioned earlier- is that of Bitcoin, being the first cryptocurrency, but most of the known cryptos have various mining methods.

With Ethereum on the rise, the second digital currency by market capitalization, its mining is gaining more and more popularity, since the network itself makes it easier to carry out transactions.

The brothers hope their earnings will help them pay for collegeIshaan hopes to go to the University of Pennsylvania and become a doctor. Aanya also wants to go to New York and become a doctor.