UEFA asks to stop removing bottles from sponsors

UEFA asks to stop removing bottles from sponsors

UEFA on Thursday asked the players of the 24 Eurocup 2020 teams to stop removing the drinks of the sponsoring brands from the table during press conferences.

In this way, the governing body of European football responded to the trend started by Cristiano Ronaldo, who on Monday withdrew two bottles of Coca-Cola and exchanged them for one of water during a press conference, launching the slogan to drink water and not soda, in the preview of the game between Hungary and Portugal.

The Portuguese star was later followed by Frenchman Paul Pogba, who took a beer from Heineken, and Italian Manuel Locatelli, who also decided to get rid of the two soda bottles.

Tournament director Martin Kallen said UEFA “has contacted the teams regarding this matter.” “It is important because the income of the sponsors is significant for the tournament and for European football,” he stressed and explained that the contractual obligations relating to sponsors are part of the championship regulations signed by the national federations.

In addition, he stated that UEFA has not taken any disciplinary action, ensuring that the confederation does not intend to directly fine the players, the Reuters news agency noted. Any sanction would be a matter for the national federations, he added.

Coca-Cola and Heineken are among the 12 top-tier sponsors of Euro 2020, contributing to UEFA’s total tournament revenue of nearly € 2 billion ($ 2.4 billion). Although the values ​​of the individual agreements of the sponsors are not published, the entity obtained 483 million euros (576 million dollars) in sponsorship agreements of 10 partners in the last European Championship, held in France in 2016.

Players also indirectly receive money from tournament business income through their national federations and clubs. The 24 national associations competing at Euro 2020 will share 371 million euros ($442 million) in UEFA prizes, which normally help pay for footballers’ bonuses.