Wall Street was positive this week

Wall Street was positive

The scenario that we find this week is encouraging for the values ​​of the stock market. After the moment of fear that was experienced after the interaction of the central bank, it seems that confidence gained strength again. On this occasion, Wall Street was positive with a comfortable position at the end of the week.

The returns recorded showed a progressive upward pace in the last close. With the arrival of July, the market is waiting for the employment report for the previous month. In this way, investor optimism would be present at the current times.

The new position of the indicators

With respect to the main scores of the stock market, rhythms were obtained that reflected the momentum of the market. Faced with a scenario that became more stable, Wall Street was positive with rises that reached new all-time highs.

In the case of the important indicator S&P 500, the performance closed at 4,352.34 points. With this, it gained 32.40 units or 0.75% at the close on Friday. In weekly performance, the index collected 71.54 units or 1.67%.

Graph of the S & P500 index at the end of this week, which shows how Wall Street was positive this time, with a sustained performance compared to previous returns.  Source: Yahoo Finance.
Graph of the S & P500 index at the end of this week, which shows how Wall Street was positive this time, with a sustained performance compared to previous returns. Source: Yahoo Finance.

On the other hand, the other indicators would not be left behind in the trajectory of the last week. The industrial Dow Jones closed this Friday at 34,786.35 points, gaining 152.82 units or 0.44%. The Nasdaq technology was at 14,639.33 points, gaining 116.95 units or 0.81%. In weekly earnings, 352.51 units or 1.02% and 278.94 units or 1.94% were collected respectively.

Graphs of the yields of Dow Jones and Nasdaq at the end of the week.  Source: Yahoo Finance.
Graphs of the yields of Dow Jones and Nasdaq at the end of the week. Source: Yahoo Finance.

The situation was very favorable with a Wall Street that was positive for the operators.

The first session in July has already seen a higher rate than in June, where it seems that there was no marked resistance. It is estimated that after the first half of 2021, the S&P 500 has appreciated around 14%, while the Dow Jones and Nasdaq about 12%.

General returns

While the stock market showed formidable growth, Gold also recovered a bit. The precious metal closed this Friday at $1,787.70, rising slightly compared to $1,776.60 the previous Friday.

Although the new position was positive, during the week there was a significant wobble that brought the price down to $1,762.80 on Tuesday. With the latest low, Gold’s valuation briefly returned to April levels.

On the other hand, oil maintained a performance relatively similar to the trend for longer terms. It began the week with a price of $72.91, lower than the $74.05 of the previous weekly close. However, during the week it recovered and closed this Friday at $ 75.19, after reaching a peak of $ 76.03 on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the US dollar appears to maintain momentum. The DXY index showed a green trajectory in recent days. Kicking off the week at 91.84, the USD score rose by several bounces to a peak of 92.60 on the first day of July. Subsequently, it fell to 92.18, bouncing a bit to 92.25.