Why Include the Video Blog in Your Digital Strategy

Why include the video blog in your digital strategy
Why include the video blog in your digital strategy

You already know that a corporate blog is essential to increase the online visibility of your brand, gain organic traffic and improve engagement with your customers. But are you aware that you can achieve these results, even to a greater extent, if you bet on the video blog format?

In addition to the fact that videos are the most consumed type of content on the Internet, especially the younger the age of the users, there are many other reasons to include videoblogging in your digital marketing strategy, as we tell you here.

Not everything is videoblog

The proliferation of videos in the digital environment ( storiestiktoks, direct, IGTV …) can make us lose the north and think that any audiovisual content is part of a videoblog when it is not.

  1. defined content strategy, which addresses topics that interest the audience through creative, original and quality videos, adapted to each of the phases of the buyer’s journey.
  2. selection of keywords by which you want to position the brand and around which both the content created and the way you approach it will revolve.
  3. publication strategy in which it is detailed which channels will be chosen to share these videos (either on the blog’s website or also on platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram …) and the periodicity for updating the content.
  4. specialized management regarding both the creation and editing of the videos and the publication and attention to the possible comments generated among the community of followers.

Having a YouTube channel to upload occasional videos to is not having a video blog. Post a video “once in a while” on Instagram either.

A videoblog is a virtual space in which content in video format is shared after studying the audience, finding out how to be useful to them, creating that content using the keywords that improve positioning and, finally, distributing it in the appropriate channels to generate leads or sales opportunity.

Only in this way could we say that a brand has integrated the video blog into its digital strategy, this being a key piece to achieve its objectives of visibility, positioning, engagement and leads, in addition to the benefits that we detail below.

The benefits of video blogging in numbers

1. More consumable content = Increase in brand awareness

Although it costs us to admit it, the truth is that every day we are more lazy and it is more difficult for us to read. And this is especially reflected in the incredible increase in video consumption in recent years, especially among younger audiences.

Videos are easier to view, require less effort, capture attention more easily … That is why implementing the videoblog in your digital strategist can help improve brand awareness by offering a format of content that is consumed every time plus.

2. More sharable content = Increased visibility and web traffic

Videos are more likely to be shared by users than any other type of content, especially when it comes to videos with emotional or humorous content. And that users want to share a video of your brand on their social networks is the best way to increase your visibility and bring more traffic (probably qualified) to your website.

3. More credible content = Improves the authority of the brand

When a brand follows a content plan that really adds value and is useful to its audience, it becomes a benchmark in its category or professional sector; an authority that users trust and turn to when they need information on a topic. And in this sense, videos offer brands the possibility of being more authoritative than ever by allowing more complete content that generates more trust and credibility than other formats.

4. More visible content = Contributes to SEO positioning

This is mainly due to the fact that videos increase the time users spend on a website, one of the factors that most benefits organic positioning in search engines.

If these videos also follow an adequate keyword strategy and are shared periodically, the visibility of the brand in search engines can be greatly benefited and receive more visits through organic channels. According to Forbes, users spend 88% more time on a website that contains videos than on one that does not.

5. More informative/persuasive content = Enhances conversion

There are many data that support that the presence of a videoblog makes a brand significantly improve its conversion rate.

It is proven that videos improve conversion rates, especially when it comes to videos in which the operation of a product or service is explained, information that users appreciate and can be decisive when making a purchase decision.

Furthermore, as a videoblog is a direct channel of communication between the brand and the users, the comments, suggestions, doubts … in each video, will help you to reinforce your digital strategy and guide it towards those aspects that help to sell more.

6. More creative content = Encourages engagement

Videos improve the perception and attitude that consumers have towards a brand, which translates into better engagement and greater brand recall.

Whether it is tutorials with informative/informative content or videos in which humor or emotional charge prevail, the videos are much more enjoyed by users. In fact, 55% of consumers would like to see more videos with content related to the brands or companies they follow, according to data from Hubspot.

In addition, a videoblog allows you to approach a content strategy in a brighter, more creative, more comprehensive and more emotional way than blogs that focus on text articles allow.

A videoblog contributes to creating greater complicity with followers and creating more active and connected communities around content that informs, helps, educates, amuses or excites them, and that they enjoy seeing the innate properties of its format.

Some examples of videoblogs

Users are much more likely to see a video shared on social media than to click on a link that leads to a written article. This reality is what has led many brands to design and execute a content strategy in which the videoblog is the main piece.

Surely you are thinking that, as a brand, you do not have the time or the resources to be able to feed a videoblog with a certain frequency but that is quite a wrong idea. We assure you that creating / editing / sharing a 3-4 minute long video can take the same time (or probably less) than it takes to write a good article.

you must lose your fear of making videos. Do not forget that today spontaneity and the possibility of transmitting useful or exciting content are more sought after. And this is not why we mean that you publish videos recorded in any way but you can make videos with an acceptable quality with little investment: a camera that records in HD (most smartphone cameras do), a tripod, a microphone and a basic lighting. As you can see, it is about taking care of some aspects so that the script (and your brand image) looks as it deserves.

Today, many brands, companies and media opt for the video blog format when creating and sharing content.