Zuckerberg confirms next Facebook launch: Ray-Ban smart glasses

Facebook launch Ray-Ban smart glasses

Facebook’s next hardware release will be glasses, but not just any; These will have an internal chip and an assistant and will be designed in collaboration with Ray-Ban.

The confirmation comes from the mouth of the CEO himself, Mark Zuckerberg, who in the presentation of the financial results of the second quarter of 2021 announced record income in ads, despite the obstacles that Apple imposed to avoid the registration of user data, and that has made advertisers spend more money on Android.

Still, Facebook is looking to the future, and to new products. According to Zuckerberg, hardware will be more important to the company, which already offers devices such as the Facebook Portal display speaker and Oculus virtual reality devices. The company already announced its commitment to augmented reality last year, and the next product will be related to this.

Specifically, Facebook will soon launch smart glasses, in association with the popular manufacturer Ray-Ban. Unlike the rest of the range, this model will have internal chips, which will allow the use of intelligent functions; although for now, the nature of those functions is a mystery.

Although the project is related to the development of augmented reality of Facebook, in reality these glasses will not use that technology, as confirmed by Facebook. Therefore, the other option is to have speakers, microphones, and some kind of integrated assistant, which allows us to ask questions and get answers without using the smartphone. However, as it does not have an integrated screen, it will be necessary to pair the glasses with our mobile.

Zuckerberg paints this product as a “step in the journey towards complete augmented reality”, so it is very possible that Ray-Ban glasses will debut technology or functions that will be expanded in a future model, more complete and with a screen integrated in the lenses. Facebook already has a prototype, called Project Aria, that some of its employees are testing; It is capable of displaying information such as directions to get to a site, or the location of our keys. At the moment, there is no release date or price for the Ray-Ban glasses.