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What is an infographic? Advantages and tips for a good use

An infographic is a graphic representation that aims to explain or summarize information, combining icons such as images, graphics, etc.

What is a Newsletter and What are its Benefits?

A newsletter is a digital publication that is distributed via email with a certain periodicity (daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly).

What is B2B and B2C in Marketing and How Does it Work?

B2B is the acronym for business to business, which refers to business models in which the transactions of goods or the provision of services.

4 Trends Will Mark Digital Marketing in 2021

One of the biggest challenges advertisers and media will face in 2021 is being able to communicate with consumers and transact effectively in a cookie-free world.

How to use Twitter Ads Campaigns to Sell More

Businesses are discovering that Twitter is a very effective tool for marketing, sales, technical support, and customer service.

Defining the Brand Identity to Know Who We Are

Brand identity is the essence of a brand. It is not a corporate identity, it is not a visual identity, it is not a logo.

How to Develop a Brand Identity and Why is it Important

A brand that manages to connect emotionally with its customers has the opportunity to have customers for life. To achieve this, the business must be much more than a business.

Buyer Persona: What is it and why is it important to your strategy?

Buyer persona, or simply person, is a fictional character that is constructed from the ethnography of a population.

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Raisi, the radical leader who will become president of Iran

The victory of Ebrahim Raisi in the presidential elections of Iran breaks with eight years of certain reformism championed by his predecessor, Hasan Rohaní.
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Cryptocurrencies, million dollar ideas or technology bubbles?

The cryptocurrencies born in 2008, but every year they take more strength and position themselves as "revolutionary being" against the money as we know it so far.

Domestic tourism, a global trend in 2021

Proximity tourism has developed both in China and in the United States and Europe, due to closed borders during the pandemic.

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.htaccess: What it is and how to use it to get the most out of it

The .htaccess file is short for “HyperText Access”, or what is equivalent to “hypertext access”. Basically, it is a configuration file that contains certain directives or commands

There is a Direct Relationship Between Immigration and Populism

The rise of populisms is, without a doubt, the greatest of the political transformations that Western society has undergone in the last five years.

7 Steps to Create Your Trading Plan Successfully

Why is important to have a trading plan? This trading plan would be a structure according to which your operations would be defined.