What is SEO On-Page, why is so important and 6 factors to optimize it on your website

SEO On-Page is one of the 2 large blocks into which web positioning is subdivided (On Page and Off Page). However, for us it is the only important part of a good SEO.

15 Tricks to Improve SEO Positioning with Content

With people who are looking for natural SEO positioning, but who are also looking to do it through tricks and not naturally.

How important is Neil Patel in the SEO Industry?

Yes, we are sure that if you have read something serious about SEO you have ever come across the name of Neil Patel, one of the most important influencers.

GIFs also Can Improve Your SEO Position

Jokes aside, the use of GIFs has increased notably in recent years, especially thanks to their easy access from platforms and digital devices.

Everything You Need To Know About Link Building

One of the pillars and foundations of SEO or web positioning is link building. Through it, the aim is to increase the authority of a site by generating links to it.

7 Copywriting Tips to Rank Your Blog

One of the most essential copywriting techniques is based on spending all the time necessary to find a perfect headline for each post

What is Link Building? We Show You Step by Step

Link building is the technique that consists of creating external links for a domain to generate web authority and thereby improve the organic ranking in search engines.

What is PageRank and what is it for?

PageRank (PR) is an SEO metric launched in 1999 by the founders of Google (Larry Page and Sergey Brin) in order to measure the quality of a website.

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10 most common mistakes in a virtual job interview

Virtual interviews are no longer a new thing, after the arrival of the pandemic they began to gain ground and are now more frequent than face-to-face interviews.
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The Psychology of Money. An indispensable knowledge

Money is commonly associated with the materialistic view of things, however its importance is so great in human dynamics. It is necessary to understand the mental processes that govern the relationship of people with money.

Is it okay to give second chances? 7 psychological tips to make a good decision

Should we give a second chance? Not sure whether to forgive that person so special to you? Discover how to choose one option or another through these psychological tips.

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