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.htaccess: What it is and how to use it to get the most out of it

The .htaccess file is short for “HyperText Access”, or what is equivalent to “hypertext access”. Basically, it is a configuration file that contains certain directives or commands

What is the Captcha Code and what is it for?

Captcha code is, basically, an online security system to be able to verify the type of user that is accessing said information, form or another type of access.

DDoS attack: understand what it is and how to prevent your website from suffering it

DDoS attack is a malicious action, quite common on the Internet, whose objective is to bring down a website by simulating an overload on the server.

Know the types of programming language most used today

Without programming languages, we would not be in the information age in which we find ourselves and, perhaps, many of the tools known today.

What is a Landing Page and How is it Work?

A landing page, or landing page, is a web page specifically designed to convert visitors into leads. This page helps us convert users into end customers.

GIFs also Can Improve Your SEO Position

Jokes aside, the use of GIFs has increased notably in recent years, especially thanks to their easy access from platforms and digital devices.

What is XML in Programming?

Believe it or not, XML or Extensible Markup Language is much simpler than it seems. It is simply a type of markup language or set of codes (called tags) that define the structure and meaning of the data.

What Exactly is HTML?

HTML is a markup language that is used for the development of Internet pages. It is the acronym that corresponds to HyperText Markup Language, that is to say, Hypertext Markup Language

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10 most common mistakes in a virtual job interview

Virtual interviews are no longer a new thing, after the arrival of the pandemic they began to gain ground and are now more frequent than face-to-face interviews.
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The Psychology of Money. An indispensable knowledge

Money is commonly associated with the materialistic view of things, however its importance is so great in human dynamics. It is necessary to understand the mental processes that govern the relationship of people with money.

Is it okay to give second chances? 7 psychological tips to make a good decision

Should we give a second chance? Not sure whether to forgive that person so special to you? Discover how to choose one option or another through these psychological tips.

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