Goldman Sachs Predicts Ethereum Could Outperform Bitcoin

Goldman Sachs Predicts Ether Could Outperform Bitcoin

The investment bank argued that Bitcoin would lose the podium as a storage digital currency. As explained, Ether has much more potential.

Goldman Sachs, a US investment bank, said his firm’s analysts believe Ether will overtake Bitcoin in market importance due to its slow transaction speed.

According to a report cited by Business Insider, Ether could surpass that of Bitcoin in the coming years: “Ether currently looks like the cryptocurrency with the greatest potential for real use as Ethereum, the platform of which the digital currency is native, is the platform for most popular development for smart contract applications”.

Analysts believe that network security is better on Ether as well. In fact, it stands out that this technology allowed the rise of decentralized financial protocols (DeFi) and decentralized applications powered by cryptocurrencies (DApps).

“This competition between cryptocurrencies is another risk factor that prevents them from becoming safe assets at this time,” said Goldman.