What are the cryptocurrencies that grew the most in 2021

Cryptocurrencies that grew the most in 2021

Despite the positive expectations held by Bitcoin and Ethereum, other cryptocurrencies have the best market capitalization.

In the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin is the leader and the most recognized. Despite four weeks of gains and it recovered from the crash in May, its reference value has hovered around $45,000. But it is not the only cryptocurrency that has grown during 2021.

Apart from the three main cryptos by market capitalization, bitcoin, with almost 900,000 million, Ethereum, with close to 400,000 and Tether, which exceeds 60,000 million, another five tokens have had a growth between 10 and 15 times higher. One of them is Dogecoin, which shot up 4,600% since August last year, Uniswap and Binance Coin follow with a 1,000% jump.

Data from “CoinMarketCap” shows that Dogecoin is the fastest growing digital currency in the crypto space this year. Statistics show that the combined value of all dogecoins soared 4,600% in the last 12 months, approaching $34,000, which is fifteen times the growth rate of Ethereum or 88 times the growth of Bitcoin in this period. In the last seven days, their numbers remain positive with a growth of +39.41% reaching a value of US $35.90.

Uniswap, meanwhile, has a significantly lower price. However, the 10th largest digital currency in the world follows Dogecoin when it comes to growing its market value. Statistics show that Uniswap’s capitalization increased 1,028% throughout the year, from $1.4 billion in January to $17.5 billion. Its value is close to $16.00 and although it fell 4%, its growth in the last seven days was 27.09%.

The Binance Coin is the third-largest increase in the last eight months, with a 992% increase in its market capitalization to 65,000 million dollars in this period, competing with the Tether for the third place in the cryptos of greater value.

The Cardano and USD Coin complete the list of the top 5 in terms of growth in terms of market value. In January, the combined value of all Cardano coins was $5.6 billion. This number has risen an impressive 728% since then, reaching $56 billion. The market capitalization of the USD Coin, which closes the list of the ‘cryptos’ with the highest growth throughout the year, soared 626% in this period.

As for Ethereum, it has seen a massive 310% increase so far this year, putting the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency in sixth place on this list. The Ripple, the Polkadot Tether and followed with an increase in market capitalization of 256%, 194% and 149% in the last 12 months, respectively.

The world’s most expensive cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, paradoxically witnessed the lowest market capitalization growth among the top ten digital currencies.

During the last seven days, the biggest growths were registered in XRP and Dogecoin with percentages of 30% to 40%.