3 Reasons to apply honey to your face as a beauty routine

Reasons to apply honey to your face

You can add it to coffee or your face cream. Honey is an excellent and extremely versatile product. That is why you should use it in your beauty routine, especially if you have delicate skin. Let’s see the three reasons that will make you decide to apply honey to your face.

3 reasons to apply honey to your face

The honey is not lacking in almost any home since this small and precious product not only conceals an excellent sweetener but also a natural remedy to fight colds and moisturize the hair. There are many other benefits of using honey, especially when it comes to skin health. In this thick liquid there are about 300 ingredients that help both oily and dry skin, such as vitamin B, calcium, zinc, potassium and iron. Honey is also a product rich in antioxidants, it is antibacterial and has an enzymatic activity that helps the skin to shine.

Let’s see some of the benefits of using honey on your face, which are also the best “excuse” to introduce honey into your beauty routine.

It’s the perfect daily cleanser

The antioxidant, antiseptic and antibacterial properties of honey make this product a benchmark for fighting acne. It will open your pores and remove those pesky blackheads while keeping your skin hydrated throughout the day. You can integrate it into your treatment cream or also apply it in the form of a mask, leave it to act for a few minutes and then remove it with warm water.

It is a natural exfoliator

Say goodbye to irritated and itchy skin by using a honey mask to gently exfoliate. All you have to do is mix a little honey with a tablespoon of sugar. Spread over the face and massage in a gentle, circular motion. Then remove with a little warm water.

It is ideal for treating acne

Its anti-inflammatory benefits help remove excess oil from the surface and, when applied daily, balance bacteria on the skin. Use as a spot treatment to calm stubborn breakouts and even relieve autoimmune skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

The more often you add honey to your beauty routine, the better your chances of getting results. Obviously, you should avoid it if you are allergic to pollen, celery, or bee venom. If you’re not sure, try testing a small area of ​​her skin to see if a reaction occurs.