Culture News 5 Rules you should know about vintage fashion culture

5 Rules you should know about vintage fashion culture


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Vintage is a trend that will never go out of style. For all those lovers of the romantic, the sexy with that old touch, vintage fashion is excellent for everyone.

Vintage fashion

In this article we will talk about the 5 basic rules of vintage fashion that will help you wear modern outfits without losing the vintage base we are looking for.

In vintage fashion there are no shorts

Since vintage refers to clothing from earlier times, in the 20s, 30s or 40s you did not see mini shorts or miniskirts, nor did Bermuda shorts exist.

Pants always go below the ankle unless you want to look like a retro movie character.

Any item of clothing must be kept in excellent condition

Well that’s what makes any garment vintage, its excellent condition despite the years.

We must always pay attention to the garments that do not have holes, rust stains or are very discolored.

Remember that, to wear a quite enviable vintage outfit, you must keep your clothes in good condition.

Give style to your outfits

Here the idea is to complement old clothes with your own style, because it is useless to choose random clothes that you find beautiful and that do not combine or do not make you feel comfortable.

Make sure to wear outfits that represent you and if not, consider the help of an image consultant.

If you like patterns that are very exaggerated or subtle, they are totally valid, because remember that depending on the design they can favor your silhouette, they can help you look slimmer and they can be adjusted to any event you go to.

In vintage fashion, the best trend is the one that best suits your silhouette

The best way to show off a vintage style is to know how to blend it together with contemporary or modern fashion.

Here there is no stereotype, no specific trend. Look for clothes that suit your body type, pants at the waist, striped shirts or panties.

Keep in mind that everything you like is probably not going to flatter you.

Many vintage fashionistas have special seamstresses and designers

Sometimes it is essential to have professional hands when modifying or adjusting a garment, as well as if we want to restore or wash them.

Never risk using very strong chemicals or taking the garments to a dry cleaner, as you run the risk of ruining the quality of the clothes.

Another reason why it is essential to get help from a designer is because many old clothes are usually made in specific measurements and for that reason, sometimes they do not have a specific size.

Vintage fashion accessories

The brooches, watches, patches, braces and the famous pins. These accessories were a trend in the 90s and are part of today’s vintage fashion.

They are totally unisex accessories, as there are pins of any design, as well as patches and both boys and girls can wear them and give their outfits a unique touch.

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