6 Attitudes that probably are driving your friends away from you

Attitudes that are driving your friends away from you 11

Do you notice that lately your friends are miles away from you? All relationships are complicated, even friendships can go through difficult times. Could it be that you are to blame for the distance of your friends?

For better or for worse, many times in our lives we find ourselves in difficult situations that lead us to have not entirely healthy attitudes. Balance is something difficult to find in this society where everything happens so quickly. Many times our closest relationships are affected by some factors that we must bear in mind.

1. You have resentment

Daily problems can lead to a terrible emotional state. Either because you’ve just lost someone, your job is going badly, or you’re just going through one of those spells that we all want to run away from in terror. In your case, you have sought out your friends for support. In the beginning, they were with you, but it is time to let it go. However, this is not a good reason to blame your friends for your ills. Think wisely. It is normal for people around you to give up if your attitude is not helping to improve your situation. This may be one reason why your friends are pulling away from you. Without realizing it, you have become the drama queen. Leave resentments behind, now!

2. You are being very negative

They don’t give you support, nobody asks you out and it seems that the whole world has forgotten about your existence. When you are being so negative it is evident that many people, not just your friends, are going to try to get away from you. It is a completely human behavior, after all, who likes to be next to a person who complains about everything? It is time to reflect on your attitude, perhaps you are being too negative about everything.

3. You have become selfish without realizing it

It is one of those occasions when it seems that only what you do is important and you want other people to listen to all your problems, without them telling you what is happening to them. This implies that from one moment to the next you have become a very selfish woman. Don’t worry, it can happen to all of us, even without realizing it. Talk to your friends to see what is happening. People don’t stop talking to you out of anywhere.

4. You judge others a lot

You are in a moment when nothing seems to you; You judge others left and right. The big problem that it implies is that the people around you can feel attacked by your constant criticism. Be careful. Being overly critical indicates that there is something wrong with your self-esteem. Find your balance and avoid hurting the people you love. This self-destructive pattern cannot lead you to anything good.

5. You have become absorbed in your love relationship

Another possibility is that you are giving all the time in the world to your love relationship, leaving aside your friends. If this is the case, remember that a good relationship should always involve balance. Your friends are moving away from you because you don’t have time for them. It is a normal attitude when you are in love; however, it is up to you to take care of both relationships.

6. You have moved away

You have stopped dating them, you decline invitations, you prefer to spend all your time alone. It is evident to your friends that they are no longer within your plans. This is a good reason why your friends are pulling away from you. How do you expect your relationship to prosper if you don’t spend time with them?

Losing a friend is really hard. The good ones stay, even if you have become a different woman than the one they knew before. However, after a while, your friends may find themselves miles away from these kinds of attitudes. Talk to them and resolve any animosities; l as friends are a gift that we all deserve.