Culture News A useful tool to save your journalistic works over...

A useful tool to save your journalistic works over the time


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News apps and digital content don’t last forever. Many digital journalism jobs no longer exist online, and journalists looking for new jobs will likely need to share samples of their previous work with potential employers, which is difficult to do if the site they were posting on no longer exists, or if not. they have an up-to-date backup of their jobs. Fortunately for journalists who haven’t had the foresight to save their output (that is, most of us), there are several helpful solutions. Save My News is a free tool created by Ben Welsh, editor of the Los Angeles Times Data Desk team, that allows journalists to save their links to the Internet Archive and WebCite, as well as download their clips and archive links as an Excel spreadsheet.

Welsh created the tool two days after DNAinfo shut down. “On social media, I saw many of my colleagues panic and outraged,” he says. “It was a powerful opportunity to make them aware of the fragility of their work: that all the journalism they dedicate so much effort to could disappear from the internet overnight.” Services to “save your job” are not new, he noted. The Internet Archive contains tools for journalists to save their work, but many are simply not aware of them. “Many of those who work professionally on the Internet don’t know that their work is very fragile until it is too late,” says Welsh. And a villainous owner doesn’t have to lose your legacy. It could be a redesign of the site”. Its use is very simple, you just have to enter the web and link a Twitter account. A very useful tool for journalists, researchers, academics, authors and anyone interested in preserving their work against the possible elimination, censorship or disappearance of any specific content from the website available online.

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