Culture News Crying brings benefits to our health

Crying brings benefits to our health


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The act of crying can cause embarrassment in some people, or be seen as a symbol of weakness. However, it has a positive impact on human health.

According to a study published in the journal Medical News, crying has several benefits. This is a natural response of the human being to certain emotions; therefore, the body does not recognize it as something bad or harmful.

Scientific basis

According to Medical Care, humans produce three types of tears: the basal, a protein-rich bacterial fluid secreted by the tear duct to keep the eyes moist; those of reflex, which are triggered by external agents such as smoke, wind, some chemicals or foods such as onion, and whose function is to protect the eye; and emotional tears, which are responses to emotions. All of them originate a series of benefits to the organism, which are:

They help calm

By crying, people have the possibility to express and regulate their emotions, which produces a feeling of calm. An investigation revealed that crying activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), the purpose of which is to produce relaxation in the individual.

Crying benefits for our health

Relieve pain

The body releases oxytocin and endorphins when crying. These chemicals can make people feel good, and even help relieve physical pain. That is why it is normal for you to cry when you feel some intense pain.

They improve the mood

Oxytocin and endorphins also have a lot to do with mood. When the body secretes them, they are able to improve it, making the subject feel better and happier.

Relieve stress

Tears contain hormones known as “stress hormones.” Experts believe that crying lowers the levels of these “harmful” chemicals in the body, relieving individuals of unnecessary pressure.

Fight bacteria

Tears contain a fluid called lysozyme that contains powerful antimicrobial properties, so much so that a study in 2011 confirmed that it could reduce the effect of bioterrorist agents such as anthrax. This liquid keeps the eyes clean.

Improve vision

Basal tears influence the improvement of vision. Why? Because they are released every time a person blinks, exerting a lubricating and protective effect that makes vision clearer.

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