Do long-distance relationships work? 9 Problems present in them

Long Distance Love Work How

Long-distance relationships are becoming more and more common in our society. There are a number of problems that we must face in order to keep love at a distance. Find out how to overcome them.

Keeping love at a distance today is not an impossible mission. Thanks to the Internet and the multiplicity of digital media, it is easier for us to be in constant contact, get to know each other and start a relationship even when we are from a distant country. Factors that become indispensable and make us stay connected all the time so that the delusion and the love towards that person lasts, especially in the initial phase where we tend to be more “hooked”. For that reason today a long-distance relationship can work

Do long distance relationships work?

A few years ago (before the internet age) a long distance partner was an anomaly that few people ever experienced. Normally, long distance love used to happen when it was a marriage relationship or much more advanced. 

But today, it is completely normal to find distant relationships with different experiences from each other. So much so that anyone who considers starting a long-distance relationship should not fear for the miles that separate them. In fact, thanks to new technologies we can affirm that distance relationships really work. Everything will depend on the effort between the two people to commit themselves within the relationship. 

Despite this, a long distance relationship faces more challenges than closer ties. But there are a series of tips and things to do as a couple from a distance that will help you overcome the time in which you are apart. 

Long-distance relationship problems

The communication let it be an obstacle in long-distance relationships, since we can spend a lot of time talking with our partner, through chats or video calls. A bond that is reinforced with couples who are close since much stronger ties are usually created by having a more active communication.

However, as the relationship progresses, many couples become they frustrate, creating situations of stress and anxiety at specific moments that often lead to moments of sadness and separations. The lack of physical contact, moments of intimacy and affection are usually some of the main factors of breakups. Over time, problems are created that can be of greater or lesser intensity and that can generate uncomfortable situations or great obstacles in a relationship, such as:

1. The uncertainty

When starting a relationship at a distance, as in any other type of bond, people usually have a great illusion about the other person. The illusion of the first phase and the fact of being far away makes us dream of what it will be like when we are able to be close to the other person, to form a movie or an ideal with the other person that expands over time. But as that does not happen, negative thoughtsThey begin to invade us and not knowing what will happen generates stress and anxiety. In this way, in order to know how to cope with a long-distance relationship, it is very important to try to work with precisely this uncertainty in the face of the little presence of the other.

2. Lack of time together

One of the great problems in a long-distance relationship or love in a distance is the lack of physical contact and intimacy that every couple needs. In addition to the fact that when you get to meet that person, on many occasions in the last days of being together the idea of ​​thinking that you will not see each other again in a period of time causes a sadness That takes over this time

It is common that in long distance relationships, problems begin to arise due to the lack of time spent with the other person. In this way, many will not know how to demonstrate love at a distance or perhaps they will not know how to manage emotionally when they are without their distant loves. But the key to all this is to use technology to remedy the time you spend without being together. All this, also respecting your personal space. 

Long-distance relationship problems

3. Boredom

The monotony, the few moments together, communication through digital channels and even circles of different friends can lead to boredom that can make the couple relationship insignificant. The moment in which we feel a relief when the other person does not come on the day that we are used to doing it, thinking that we will have time for ourselves and to do other things that when our partner is, we end up not doing it because it is the only time that we have to see it, it will be the wake-up call we need to know when a relationship does not work. 


FOMO is a psychological experience that occurs to us when we have anxiety thinking that we are missing something interesting in our life. In love at a distance, one of the tips that we must keep in mind is precisely to stay out of trying to compare ourselves with other relationships that are not in this situation. 

5. Insecurity

Many people when they are in these types of ties spend the day wondering how to know if a long distance relationship is working due to all their insecurities. In love at a distance, it is completely normal that people tend to think of more insecurities of which there are usually in other relationships. But it is vital to work on these sensations before they damage the bond between the two. 

6. Jealousy

When insecurities in a long distance partner are not controlled, they can suggest jealousy that is completely unjustified. If suddenly that you do not answer the messages or see it with other people on social networks is a problem for you, it is essential to try to work within ourselves. The jealousy they will not make you capable of maintaining a long-distance relationship. 

What are the remote problems?

7. Stress

Having to take time out of a busy life to travel to the place where your partner is from a distance, can lead to a high degree of stress. In addition, it is not only taking time for the trip but trying to combine it with friends, family and work or studies. 

8. Loneliness

In love in the distance, sometimes people can feel lonely because they cannot share as much time with the person they really love. In this way, to maintain relationships at a distance, you must take into account that loneliness or time alone with yourself shouldn’t be a problem for you.

9. Negativity and fear

The fear that the long-distance relationship grows cold or because you do not know how to maintain a long-distance relationship can undoubtedly be one of the most common problems in long-distance love affairs. Negativity in the situation of being without the other for so long together with the fear of losing the person, can lead to many problems to be able to endure with long-distance relationships. 

These are some of the main problems that arise in a long distance relationship. Despite this, there are many cases in which long-distance relationships have ended up being true Love’s stories. Therefore, you should not lose faith to work on maintaining a relationship at a distance. 

How to carry on a long distance relationship?

Although there are no universal rules to survive a long distance relationship, thanks to the easy access we have to digital tools such as Facebook or WhatsApp, there are many people who want to continue betting on it. You can reinforce some aspects discussed above to resolve the lack of proximity:

1. Maintain communication

Communicating with our partner means showing our personality, our tastes, character and affection towards the other person. It will allow you to know him, his circle of friends, family, understand their fears, their way of behaving and treating you. Do not hesitate to tell your partner from a distance the insecurities or fears that come to mind. Being open with your long-distance relationship will make your bond much stronger. 

2 look for moments to see each other

Each relationship is a world, but being able to see each other every certain period of time is positive to maintain interest, illusion and motivation of that person. Try not to fall into the routine, so that it does not seem an obligation to see him, if not something that you both want.

How to maintain a long distance relationship?

3. Trust your partner

Trust is the key to a relationship, and despite the miles of distance it must be present. That it is far does not mean that it passes from you, that it lies to you or even that it is unfaithful. One of the most effective love tips for any type of relationship is precisely to work on trust towards the other as this will determine the quality of your relationship.

4. Stay interested

Give it freedom and get yours too. But, don’t let the routine, sadness or feeling of loneliness from away affecting you. A long-distance relationship can have many advantages, as well as the creativity to innovate in your relationship. Write a love text from a distance, improvise phrases about relationships from a distance or plan the best things to do with your partner from a distance, innovation and above all the effort on the part of both will be vital to keep the flame of love alive. 

5. Don’t isolate yourself 

Maintaining a long distance relationship is just as important as taking care of all the other aspects of your life. Therefore, do not leave behind your own goals or your other relationships. Although you want to leave everything to be with your partner at a distance, you cannot put your whole life aside for this person. The organization to be able to reach everything will be vital in these situations. 

Long distance relationships are a challenge for the two people who intend to start this type of bond. Although you will go through many difficulties, the reality is that when there is a strong relationship in the distance, on many occasions this ends up becoming a great love story.