How to think positive? 7 Benefits of positive thinking

Benefits of positive thinking

Do you see everything through a dark filter? Discover all the benefits of positive thinking and what is the true power of this mentality according to psychology.

The power of positive thinking is being talked about more and more. Having a positive mind as well as starting to be more positive will have many positive benefits both for you and for your own way of seeing life. The positive mindset consists of the practice of seeing and finding the good in each situation in which we face. Therefore, starting to have more positive thoughts can bring you more benefits than you imagine. 

The power of positive thinking

The positive thinking is based primarily on trying to control and maintain our positive mind, ie, trying to control the thoughts that invade us to achieve a state of more emotionally positive mood. This desire arises as there are many demonstrations of the ‘power of positive thinking‘. In various studies and research it has been shown that when someone thinks positively, they usually feel better both inside and out. 

The optimistic attitude that promotes positive thinking consists of giving yourself credit for all the positive things that happen for you and trying to learn from the negative aspects of your life. Today there are many studies that show the importance of emotions positive for our health, although it is known that negative emotions can generate physical or mental illnesses in the medium or long term, it has also been seen that positive emotions can preserve our health and keep our immune system in a better state.

Benefits of positive thinking

Having the ability to view life with a more positive filter or with a positive mindset is one of the keys to benefiting from many aspects of our life. Thinking positive will give you the following advantages for your day-to-day life. 

1. Greater longevity

Having positive thoughts helps us to live a longer and happier life. The reason for this is that thinking positive means having more defenses in our body and that leads to being healthier and stronger. 

2. Better physical health

In various investigations it has been shown that the positive mindset helps us in our immune system. Also, thanks to being positive, you are less likely to suffer a heart attack as well as a greater resistance to diseases such as the common cold. 

3. Stress management

Keeping the mind positive is a skill that allows us to control our stress and all the consequences associated with it. In this way, having positive thoughts will help us control the level of stress and to stop suffering its negative effects.

4. More creativity

Research has shown that positive thinking allows us to be more creative and unleash more imagination. By being positive we can focus on our most interesting ideas, thus fostering our creativity.

Benefits of a positive mindset

5. Greater ability to solve problems

Focusing on the positive aspects of life also gives us the ability to better solve the problems we face. In addition, positive minds tend to have more facilities to take decisions because if something goes wrong they can learn from it. 

6. Better mood

The sense of humor is one of the skills best valued by society. It is very likely that any positive person has a greater capacity to see the bright side of things and therefore will also find the spark on any occasion. 

7. Less likely to suffer from depression

It is logical that if we constantly integrate ideas and phrases of positive thinking in our minds, we will have less chance of suffering depression, anxiety and the effects of any mental illness. 

These are some of the benefits of positive thinking. In many cases, seeing the positive aspects of our surroundings will undoubtedly be a skill that will make us improve our lives in many ways. If you think you are not capable of turning negative into positive, you may need the help of mental health professional. 

How to have positive thoughts?

Throughout our day all kinds of small or large events happen, each of them counts, as well as the attitude we show towards them.

We can give here some hints of how to do it, there is a close relationship between the emotions and the thoughts that people generate, so that, if we have negative thoughts (about ourselves, about the people around us, about what has happened to us…) we are encouraging negative emotions to appear in us. In the same way, if we have positive thoughts, we will generate a more positive type of emotion. According to psychologists, the best way to have positive thoughts is by trying the following actions. 

  • Rationalize thoughts

Normally most of our negative thoughts do not have a rational foundation behind them. In reality, it is our own emotions and fears mixing to try to give an answer to aunsafetythat arises from within us. Every time a negative thought appears, you must face it and try to visualize the logic behind it. To be positive the key is to derive our most negative thoughts through logic and more positive messages. 

  • Divide our problems

At some point or another we will have to face a problem in our lives. In many cases, it is essential to learn how to break a problem into smaller parts in order to handle it more effectively. To generate positive thoughts around these setbacks, the key will be to break the task down into smaller parts and organize yourself to get through it. 

  • Smile more

Even though you don’t feel like it, force a smile it can help you keep your mind positive. According to various studies, smiling (even in a false way) makes us feel more positive in the face of adversity. Also, you can always look for humor and spend time with those people who make you laugh a lot more. 

  • Change your perspective

When something happens and this is out of your control, try to appreciate each of the good parts of the situation. For example, instead of stressing yourself in a traffic jam as it will make you late for work, think that you really haven’t been able to avoid it and the only thing you can do is try not to stress about it so that you can spend a productive day in your workday. . By changing our perspective, we can have more positive thoughts and achieve better results in the face of these setbacks. 

  • Practice gratitude

The gratitudeit is the ability to appreciate what we have or what we are in our day-to-day. Through gratitude, we can pay attention to the good that happens to us in our lives. 

  • Imagine the best possible future

Think about what you want most in your life and visualize that you already have it. In this way you will have the perfect and ideal excuse to be able to make an effort in your day to day despite being little motivated for it. A positive mind towards the future will allow you to make the most of yourself on the way to future success.

How to have a more positive mindset?
  • Think about your strengths

On many occasions, people who focus on negative thoughts tend to focus more on their defects than in their virtues and abilities. To do this, it is essential that to be more positive you focus on your strengths and get the good out of them. 

  • Start the days with positive affirmations

There is no better way to start your day than through positive thinking and positive thinking phrases. In this way, thanks to these messages at the beginning of the day, it will be easier for you to focus on the positive aspects that surround you. 

These are some of the keys to being able to benefit from the power of positive thinking. Thanks to keeping a positive mind you will be able to bring out the good side of everything that surrounds you.