No longer in love? Find out if you no longer feel the same

No longer in love

There are certain signs that show the infatuation is gone. It may be difficult for you to know or accept them but it will be clearer if something like what we tell you next happens. Find out if he is no longer in love or perhaps you have already lost love.

They are usually general factors, but then there are specific and personal factors and there each one of us is a world.

No respect

When respect has been lost there is little to do. So if you see that there is some lack of respect, no matter how small, then this love is no longer or perhaps it never was and it is better to let it go, don’t you think?

Not wanting to do things together

If both you and your partner no longer feel like doing anything together, then it may be a sign that you are no longer in love. Be careful, it may be something temporary that is repaired over time, but this lack of appetite and little desire denote that something bad is going to happen and it is better to accept it sooner rather than later. Why prolong a situation when you already know what the end will be.

Lack of general interest

If there has been no conflict or previous discussion, and there has not been a show of affection from the other person in a while, it is that there is a lack of interest and then the love is leaving. Surely you already smell it, and the best thing is to say it, talk about it, communicate and if so, consider closed a relationship that leads nowhere.

All annoying

What used to be liked is now annoying. It is something quite typical, so the person is no longer in love and maybe if it happens to you, then neither. Surely it is a situation that you had not even considered but if this happens continuously, it is clear that something is happening and must be remedied.

You think more of other people

When you or the other person (but you do not know it because you are not in their mind) start to think more about other people that you have known and can attract you, things look bad. You have to sit down and be honest.

No surprises anymore

Your relationship is so monotonous that you do things without thinking, without joy, desire or motivation and therefore there are never surprises.