Possessive or jealous girlfriend, what are you?

Girl looking over her boyfriend shoulder at his phone while they are lying on the sofa

Surely at some point you have behaved like a possessive or jealous girlfriend when you see a beautiful girl approaching your boyfriend. However, you should know that these types of behaviors can separate you more from who you want.

Being a jealous girlfriend can have unfavorable consequences

When insecurity runs your life, your head is always creating unpleasant ideas about your loved ones. The drama is always present and you enter an endless cycle of anger, depression, and chaos that only brings more trouble. The downside is that these problems affect not only you but also your relationship. It is recommended that you overcome your insecurities so that you avoid being a jealous girlfriend.

Know your reactions and your emotions

When you notice that your partner looks at another woman on the street, what do you feel? Your heart beats faster, your hands may start to sweat. Even your blood flow is more intense and you notice that anger begins to take over you. After that you will surely launch a comment that you later regret. To avoid this, it is important that you acknowledge your reactions and calm down before a word leaves your mouth. Do not forget that words can hurt more than you think and that is not so easily erased.

Avoid negative dialogue

Before talking about any behavior that you are not very happy with, think things through. Analyze the situation and see if it is really worth arguing about. If your guy was courteous to a girl on the bus and gave her his seat, think about whether you need to make a jealous scene about it.

Don’t complain all the time 

Constant complaints about each other’s behavior only drive them further away. It is important that you talk to your partner, but you cannot be jealous of his every move either.