Suggestion: What is its influence and how can we use it to our advantage?

Suggestion Influence Advantage

Are you a suggestible person? We all act under the power of suggestion. But how do suggestions influence us? Learn how to use autosuggestion to your advantage.

Sometimes we act in a way that does not seem proper to us in our behavior. On many occasions it is normal to be under the influence of the suggestion of others. But what is the power of suggestion?

What is a suggestion?

The suggestion has meaning in psychology as the process which involves a responsive person under the influence of others. There are different modes of suggestion since these modulations can be done in one verbal way, visual or through any of our senses.

In this way, mental suggestion plays a very important role in our collective behavior, since sometimes we are not able to see that we are acting under certain suggestions made by others.  

How are the suggestions?

There are different ways in which we can suggest to others or receive suggestions from those around us. In this way, a suggestion can be given in the following ways.

  • Deliberate or involuntary

When a person feels deliberately suggested by others it can be an indication that can be beneficial to the person receiving the suggestion. For example that can be given through a suggestion hypnotic in order to overcome a negative thought or overcome a traumatic situation.

On the other hand, when you suggest are involuntary, they happen in most of our lives without us noticing. So much so that most people act suggestively when others observe them. The best known suggestion is the so-called Placebo effect, in which people believe that a drug does them a benefit when in reality it does not contain any substance that causes this effect.

  • Hypnotic

When there is a hypnotic suggestion most people experience it through hypnosis professional. In many cases, people can resort to this type of mental suggestion to try to approach problems from a completely different perspective.

  • Verbal or non-verbal

In many cases to suggest to others we must use our words. Even so, according to different investigations, it has been shown that a person can suggest themselves without the need to use words.

Types of suggestions

How does a suggestion affect us?

The suggestions can have a big impact on our lives even though most of them completely unnoticed in our consciousness. According to psychologists, the power of suggestion can affect us in the following areas.

1. Sensations and perceptions

Magicians constantly use suggestion to realize their optical illusions. So much so that to do their magic tricks they must be skilled at suggesting to the entire audience and making others pay attention to what they want. Many psychological studies show that someone suggested can perceive and feel emotions related to what they have been told or that others want them to see.

2. Implicit learning

The so-called Pygmalion effect it is undoubtedly one of the most effective consequences of suggestibility during the learning process. Paying more attention or believing that someone can get better grades or results is one of the ways in which suggesting can affect us so much positively as negative.

3. Memory

The mental suggestion can also improve in some ways our memory. This happens because emotions and memory go hand in hand. In this way, if someone is suggested to feel a positive emotion around studies or when experiencing an event, the person will remember it with greater precision.

How do suggestions affect us?

4. Attitude

The suggestions may interfere in the way we act in certain actions. The reason for this is precisely that depending on whether a person is more suggestible or not, they can modify their way of acting before others at a higher level.

5. Effectiveness of drugs

As we have mentioned, the Placebo effect is one of the best-known suggestions at the popular level. In it, suggestion works by making certain patients believe that certain substances can have a positive effect on their health despite the fact that they do not have components with effectiveness against the disease to be treated.

These are some of the most well-known effects of suggestion in psychology. Despite this, there are people who have a more suggestible personality to others. On some occasions, the suggestion can interfere in the life of the person. When this occurs it is essential to consult with a professional psychologist.

How to use the power of suggestion to our advantage?

Although most of the suggestive experiences we receive from others, the reality is that there are certain ways to use autosuggestion to our advantage. According to psychologists, you can do the following to benefit from mental suggestion.

  • Be in the present

In order to detect and use suggestions in our favor, it is essential to be in the here and now. Normally a person is suggestible when he is constantly thinking about the past or in the future. When a person is in the present, he manages to have control of his mind and avoids being suggestible to others. By placing our focus on the moments we live in, we can use autosuggestion to motivate ourselves to enjoy more of any aspect of our lives.

  • Create a support network

Through the power of suggestion we can see that the people around us are very important to our mental health. Precisely for this reason, to take advantage of the power of suggestion we must be next to those who really believe in us and have a positive attitude. Thanks to its positive influence we will have more security and enjoy more self-esteem towards us.

How to use autosuggestion to our advantage?
  • Have a flexible mindset

When we are not open to the world we tend to get stuck in our failures or mistakes and we fail to see the opportunities that life can bring us. That is why to take advantage of autosuggestion we must be open to any result of our actions. Through flexible thinking we can learn more about what surrounds us and climb faster to success despite adversity.

  • Remember that suggestion always works

On many occasions it is normal to suggest yourself with the opinion or beliefs of others. For this reason, you must bear in mind that on many occasions you are suggested by opinion or by the environment that surrounds you. In these cases you should try to see what it is that has influenced you and work on it to remit your suggestive attitude as much as possible.

The suggestions are part of our daily lives. It is completely normal to suggest yourself at different times during our day-to-day. For this reason, learning to control the power of suggestion will be the key to taking advantage of opportunities to grow in every way.