The Most Popular Emojis and Their Meanings

Most Popular Emojis Meanings
Most Popular Emojis Meanings

Emojis are those images widely used in instant messaging and social media to express with greater emphasis the emotions or feelings that are shared with others. They are usually used in WhatsApp, Hangouts, Messenger, Telegram, Facebook or Twitter, among others.

Below are the most popular emoji names and their meanings.

Emojis of faces and people

1. Smiley face with tears: joy

Face with tears of joy-emoji

This emoji means joy and is used to express that something was so funny that it generates laughter and laughter until crying. It can also be understood as that something caused a fit of unbearable laughter. It should not be confused with the face emoji that expresses a much more intense laugh.

Between 2014 and 2018 it was one of the most used emojis in text messaging, and the Oxford Dictionary classified it as word of the year 2015.

2. Face in love: infatuation

Loving face-emoji

This little face means infatuation or romance, so it usually accompanies loving phrases or that express affection. It can also be used to indicate that the place or situation someone is in is to their liking. On the other hand, it has a variant with the face of a smiling cat and with two hearts instead of eyes.

3. Face crying intensely: grief

Crying face-emoji

This emoji expresses a feeling of deep pain or grief at a particular situation. For example, “I’m sorry!”, “I feel very sad!”

4. Face sending a kiss: greeting or thanks

Face sending a kiss-emoji

This emoticon indicates a type of greeting, farewell, thanks, among others. It is also used as a display of affection or confidence.

5. Thought face: reflection

Thinking face-emoji

This emoji means to be in thought, reflection or doubt mode before something. It can also indicate distrust of something. For example, “Could it be that something is not right?”, “Why do what you say?”, “Could it be that you are telling me the truth?”

6. Surprise face: amazement

Surprise face-emoji

It means surprise or amazement, it can also refer to disbelief. “It’s amazing what you tell me!”

7. Suggestive face: irony or mischief

Suggestive face-emoji

This little face expresses various intentions depending on the context in which it is used, therefore it can indicate irony, coldness, mischief or flirtation. There are also people who use this emoji in those moments that they feel they have control over a situation.

8. Face of supplication: tenderness

Face and plea-emoji

This emoticon exemplifies the meaning of tenderness or a loving feeling. When someone wants or needs something in particular, they can also use this emoji.

9. Happy face: happiness

Smiley face-emoji

This emoji expresses feelings of happiness, joy, gratitude, or enthusiasm. You can also express a shy or embarrassed smile at a received comment. There are even those who use this emoji as an irony.

10. Smiley face with hearts: infatuation

Smiley face with hearts-emoji

This emoji means infatuation or romanticism, hence it is usually used between lovers.

11. Sad face: sadness

Sad emoji

This emoticon can refer to various emotions, therefore it can be interpreted as sadness, melancholy, loneliness, depression. It can also indicate regret, frustration, disappointment, or dissatisfaction with something. This emoji can even be associated with a thoughtful attitude.

12. Crying face: sadness

Crying emoji-face

This little face means sadness but to a lesser degree than the emoji of the little face that cries with intensity. It can also refer to a feeling of annoyance for something specific.

13. Face that makes a face: shame

Emoji-face making faces

The grimacing face emoji means something is embarrassing. It usually refers to tense emotions that generate nervousness, discomfort, guilt or terror.

14. Smiling face: good cheer

Smiley face-emoji

This little face is used to convey good spirits, good humor, pleasure or pleasure. It can even be used to express irony or sarcasm.

15. Face with upward or rolling eyes: boredom

Face with eyes up-emojo

This upward-eyed emoticon can be used to express that a situation or conversation is annoying, boring or frustrating, even disapproved of. However, there are also people who use this emoji with a sarcastic or playful sense.

16. Face with star eyes: enthusiasm

Face with star eyes-emoji

The face with eyes of stars means that someone is excited, fascinated or impressed with a news, conversation or situation. Therefore, it is an emoji that exposes great joy for something specific.

17. Face with hands: hug

Face with hands-emojis

The present face with hands represents a hug, therefore it can mean warmth, gratitude, kindness, a gesture of affection or support.

18 face upside down: sarcasm

Upside down smiley face-emoji

Emoticon that means sarcasm or irony. It can also indicate a joke or refer to the expression that a nonsense has been said: “I am not serious!”.

19. Eyes: attention


The eyes emoji can have different meanings such as indicating attention or vigilance. It can also refer to a restless look that is watching something, it can even be interpreted as a perverted look.

20. Kiss mark: thank you

Kiss mark-emoji

This emoticon wants to represent the gesture of sending a kiss out of love or thanks to a particular person.

Hand emojis

21. Raised hands: celebration

Raised hands-emoji

The two raised hands emoji expresses success, celebration and joy. It is also used to indicate good humor or fun, it can even be interpreted as “Hallelujah!”

22. Hand “Ok”: approval

Emoji-hand ok

The “Ok” hand is an emoji that signifies approval, agreement, acceptance, and even that something is okay or correct. However, in some countries this emoji can be offensive.

23. Hands together: prayer, favor or thank you

Hands together in prayer-emoji

This emoticon has different cultural meanings. In Latin America and the United States, in general, this emoji is used as a prayer or to request a favor. For its part, in Japan it represents the actions of giving thanks or asking for forgiveness. There are even those who use it to symbolize the practice of yoga.

24. Thumbs up: approval

Thumbs up-emoji

This symbol signifies approval, and is often used as a friendly gesture in various situations. You can also indicate the expression “Well done!”.

25. Hand with a clenched fist: threat or agreement

Emoji-hand with a clenched fist

The clenched or extended fist emoticon can have more than one meaning. On the one hand, it represents the action of hitting someone or something, threat or warning. However, in another context, for example between friends, this emoji can also mean agreement, support, strength, or the expression “You can!”.

Heart emojis

26. Red heart: love

Red heart emoji

This symbol expresses love, romance or passion towards someone or something in particular. It is even used to express friendship or to indicate that something was very liked, for example, a message or image.

27. Black heart: pain

Emoji-black heart

The black heart emoticon can signify sadness, pain, or a dark sense of humor.

28. Heart with arrow: infatuation

Emoji-heart with arrow

This emoji means love or infatuation. Its graphic representation seeks to refer to the arrow that Cupid throws to make couples fall in love and unite.

29. Heart with stars: special affection

Emoji-heart with stars

The emotion of the heart with stars or resplendent means special affection towards a person. It can also be interpreted as illusion or affection towards a special being.

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Animals and nature

30. Fire: attractive or hot


This symbol is used as a metaphor to express that it is attractive. However, it can also indicate that something is very hot or burning. If it refers to a food, it means that it is spicy.

31. Monkey “I don’t want to see it”: not to see evil

Emoji-monkey I don't want to see it

This emoji refers to not seeing evil, and is part of the Three Wise Monkeys of the proverb “See no evil, hear no evil and say no evil.” This monkey is known as Mizaru. Also, this emoji can mean a demonstration of embarrassment, laughter, shock or disbelief at something.

32. New moon face: dark

New moon-emoji

The emoticon of the face of the new moon is usually interpreted as something spooky or dark because that moon does not emit light. However, it is also often used simply to represent the dark side of the moon.

33. Bright star: glow

Shining star

The shining star emoji means glow, shine, flourish. It can also be used to indicate that something is magical or beautiful.