These are the best short haircuts styles that are trending for woman

Short Haircuts Styles Woman

They are comfortable, stylish and very easy to style.

This difficult period that we are going through makes us reflect and question many things and one way to get rid of all that is with a radical change in the haircut. For all those who are looking for that, we tell you that there are 4 very short haircuts that the women of the world are adopting.

1. Soft pixie

It has more movement and is more casual than the classic pixie. In addition, it has a side flap, has texture and is asymmetrical, which favors all types of faces.

2. Bowl cut

This cut is risky but very stylish. Its bowl shape doesn’t suit all faces and one way to soften it is with color effects. The key? wear it very short at the nape and at the sides.

3. Mini shake

This gradient cut has a lot of movement and should ideally be no longer than your jawbone. It favors long faces.

4. Shaggy

With its classic gangly, multi-layered, clipped look, this cut comes to give your face a cool, rocky look.