Top 25 Works You Can Do From Home This 2021

Work From Home Trending Jobs
Work From Home Trending Jobs

What jobs can I do from home?

There are many jobs that you can do with just a computer and internet access, so you can perfectly do them from the comfort of your home. For example:

  • Content writer
  • Programmer
  • Web designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Virtual assistant
  • Private teacher or tutor
  • Community manager
  • Marketing consultant
  • Style corrector
  • Translator

… And many others that we will see in this article.

If on more than one occasion you have said something like: «I am unemployed and I would like to go back to work, but without neglecting my children», «I have a baby and I would like to work, but I have no one to leave it with», «I have been looking for months employment, I wish I could do something on my own “, or another similar phrase,  then this post is for you. Today we are going to see 25 jobs that you can do from home , either part-time or full-time. We will see what are the advantages of working from home and what types of jobs you can do.

The growth of remote work 

As you know, the need to work overtime, traffic congestion, long distances to work, among other factors, make personal time drastically reduced. On the other hand, the use of technology has replaced functions that previously required manual or heavier equipment. Currently, many tasks are done only with software and the internet. That is why work spaces have also been reduced. And in recent years the trend towards outsourcing services has continued , instead of granting fixed places.

On the other hand, within the framework of the confinement measures that many countries have adopted as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of companies that decided to fully implement the home office or were forced to reduce places and opt for the One-off service outsourcing has grown exponentially.

All this set of factors has made people decide to look for work on their own, taking advantage of the resources that the digital age puts at their disposal.

Working from home is now a viable option:  Working from home allows you to take care of your family, generate your own income and develop as a professional in the area that you like the most.

Surely you are wondering what kind of jobs they are …  Well, there is a wide variety of services that can be performed manually or digitally without the need for you to leave home very often.

  • If you live in Spain, you can also join a cooperative to bill without being registered as a self-employed person. These are some of the advantages of cooperatives.

The advantage of working from home is that you can accommodate your schedules and be aware of your personal affairs. And if an unforeseen event arises, you can attend to it immediately.

Sounds good to you?

Well now let’s see some jobs from home that you can do to earn money:

1. Content writer

This is a service highly demanded by blogs and websites, as well as by digital newspapers and news sites. 

Companies need an internet presence and create valuable content to attract visitors to their websites. On the other hand, digital media are gradually supplanting analog media such as the printed newspaper and they need note writers to do so. 

Therefore, if you are a communicator or journalist, or if your strength is writing, you have a talent for writing and good spelling, you can start offering content writing services.

2. Programmer | Software development

It is one of the best paid careers you can do online, since it requires technical knowledge that not everyone has. 

Currently, many companies are looking for developers, not only for their internal systems, but to develop service software or mobile applications.

If you have a career in computer systems, know programming languages ​​or have knowledge of software or application development, there is no doubt that you have a great opportunity to make money from it, from home.

3. Web developer

Many companies and professionals in various areas require the creation or renewal of their websites to promote their services. As e-commerce grows, it is necessary to add e-commerce functions, such as a payment gateway or catalog and inventory management. 

Therefore, web development is a service with a lot of demand at the moment and it is also very interesting.

If you have knowledge or experience in website development, backend, frontend and e-commerce, you can promote your services in the area of ​​website creation.

4. Graphic design

This is a service that, although it has great competition, is also in high demand. You can do various jobs, from creating logos and trademarks to diagramming books and magazines, through advertising, illustration, etc.

If you studied graphic design or if you have knowledge of graphic design programs, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Corel, etc., this may be an area of ​​opportunity for you. 

A plus in the area of ​​design is vector animation and the creation of GIFs for social networks. 

It is a work area that requires technical knowledge and creativity at the same time. Every job done will fill you with professional pride.

5. Virtual assistant

This is a job that has been increasing in demand. There are hundreds of professionals who need a person who can help them answering calls, taking messages, answering emails or making appointments, while they are away or doing field work.

All you will need is a computer, internet and a phone number assigned by the customer (it could also redirect calls from their phone to yours).

Other functions can be to attend a chat, manage files, write, make reports and reports, get suppliers and quotes, make payments to suppliers, make telephone charges, manage the customer base, invoice, etc.

6. Tutorials or private classes

Another very interesting option to work is to be able to help others to acquire or reinforce knowledge in an area that you master.

Be it math, computers, English or any area where reinforcement is needed, or even classes in crafts, fitness, cooking, etc. Teaching others is very satisfying, so you can also earn money.

A tip: prepare your classes one or two days in advance.

7. Community manager

A function that did not exist within companies until a few years ago. If you have knowledge in managing social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., you can use them to work.

The role of the community manager is to generate content and coordinate the calendar of publications in the different social media of a company.

In addition, it is responsible for answering messages and queries from customers and in case of doubt, transferring it to the corresponding area to be attended to.

All you need to get the job done is your computer and internet access.

8. Digital Marketing Consultant

A career that is booming due to the need for companies to position their brand through digital media.

The digital marketing professional must have knowledge about inbound marketing, social networks, advertising, communication strategies, among others.

You can acquire knowledge in these areas and offer your services to companies.

9. Copyeditor 

If you are an expert in spelling and grammar, you can take the opportunity to offer your services to authors, publishers, websites or webzines, and even universities and educational entities that publish publications for students.

The work is charged per thousand words and to do it you only need a word processor (such as Word). You can then mail the document for customer review.

10. Translator

This is a service that requires advanced knowledge of the language to be translated.

You must know about grammar, spelling and syntax to make a good translation. The less common the language, the better paid the translation will be.

If you master any language in addition to your native language, you can offer your services. The work can be done entirely online.

11. Remote technical support

There are many companies that require help providing technical support to their customers, either through phone lines or chat.

It is a job that requires availability so that you can immediately attend to the queries you receive.

In addition, you must study and learn manuals or procedures to respond optimally. Then, a record of clients served is kept.

12. Telemarketing | Call center agent

Telephone marketing is one of the best known areas of work and one that remains current. There is a great diversity of products and services that can be offered.

You can do the work from home. Generally, a base salary plus commissions is offered for each sale.

13. Audio transcriptionist

Transcribing audios of reports, interviews, testimonies or recorded classes is a service that you can offer. It is charged per thousand words. To do this you need to have good typing skills. Good spelling is also essential. 

14. Accountant or accounting consultant

Many companies outsource bookkeeping, reporting, filing taxes, etc.

This is one of the jobs from home that are well paid and you can do if you have accounting skills. It requires an orderly space and that you can concentrate.

15. Video editor

If you have knowledge of video editing programs, you can do the job for documentaries, music video clips, commercials, presentation shorts, etc.

Another possibility is to work hand in hand with youtubers who require professional editions for their channels.

It is a job well paid for the technical skill it requires.

16. Announcer 

Voice over audios for presentations, educational material, translations, etc. It is a service that you can provide very easily from your home.

If you have knowledge of voice over, you don’t need more than good recording equipment.

Also, if you know how to edit audio in programs like Audition or others, it will be a plus for the client.

17. Digitator | data entry

There are companies that perform data compilations that must then be tabulated, or require digitizing documents that are only in physical form, because they were made by hand or by machine.

To perform data entry or digitizer work, you must have good typing skills.

You can pay for the number of records entered or for thousands of words entered.

18. SEO expert

This is an area of ​​great interest to those who run a website and want to promote or grow it.

Having knowledge in search engine optimization (SEO) can help you to provide advice and support to clients who require it.

It is an interesting job, which requires constant updating and which is gaining momentum little by little.

You can take a look at our post on 10 sites to take free courses to enroll in an SEO course.

19. Business consultant

If you have worked in the area of ​​marketing, commercialization, sales or credit, you can use your knowledge and experience to offer advice to companies that require it.

There are many cases of entrepreneurs who require help in entrepreneurship issues. How to start your business, how to finance yourself, how to promote yourself, etc.

The advice is charged by the hour and can range from an analysis and preparation of a plan, to accompanying it in its execution.

On some occasions you will be able to meet with the client, but, in general, you can carry out the work via videoconference or by phone, in addition to coordinating via email.

which also allows you to do the job almost completely by phone and by mail.

20. Life coach or personal counseling

This is a service that you can offer if you have knowledge in the area of ​​psychology or personal coaching.

You can provide the service via videoconference or schedule an appointment for the person to visit you.

Among the work from home that you can do, this provides a lot of personal satisfaction by being able to help others, whether in personal matters, as a couple, vocational guidance, among others.

21. Telephone surveys

Among the needs of consulting companies or market research companies, is to survey the market through surveys of certain sectors.

This is a job that can be outsourced and you just need a phone and the contact list to get started.

Typically, you pay per survey completed and a record of calls made is kept.

22. Manager of collections by telephone

If you have experience in the collection area, there are many companies that outsource the service to be able to follow up on pending payments from your creditors so that they come close to paying.

The company provides you with the list of collections and will give you a commission for closed collections.

23. Technician in maintenance and repair of equipment (hardware)

A service that you can offer if you have knowledge in electronics or repair of computer equipment is that of a maintenance technician. This is a job that is always requested by small merchants and individuals, since computer equipment requires constant maintenance, cleaning, optimization or updates. 

All you have to do is identify potential customers and offer the service. Although it is a job that requires your presence to be executed, you can receive the equipment at your home for review and repair.

The job requires little interaction with other people and is well paid. Very important for this work is to meet the promised work delivery times and build trust to earn a good reputation.

24. Preparation of renders and plans

If you have studies in technical drawing, architecture, 3D design or if you know how to use Autocad or similar, a good opportunity is to work on the preparation of plans or renders.

Although it is a job that requires specialized software, it is an area with little competition due to its level of technical complexity. In other words, it is also well paid. 

Many people require renderings or plans for all kinds of projects. From parts design to home or office remodeling.

Best of all, this work can be done practically online if you have the dimensions of the piece or terrain on which it will be designed.  

25. Ghostwriter

The job of ghostwriter or ghostwriter is an area of ​​writing that focuses on clients who want to publish a work or articles on certain topics in which they are experts, but are not writers. This happens for example with artists, high-level entrepreneurs, brand consultants, CEOs, etc. 

It is a job where attention and trust with the client are essential. The client of this type of services is usually someone who has a track record and prestige in their professional area. That is, they require quality service and close treatment.

Of course, this does not mean that it must only be face-to-face, but that there must be great communication and understanding about the topic to be developed. 

Although the demand is not as high as that of a web writer, it is a job that usually involves large projects or several months in duration, so the work is well paid too. You can coordinate the work with your clients by phone, by email or with tools such as Meet, Zoom or Teams.


As you can see, there is a wide variety of jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home. The important thing is that you put your imagination to work and define the service you are going to offer.

As a last tip:

Remember that work from home requires organization so that you can get the right results and, therefore, the desired remuneration. Try to organize your time so that you can work optimally, without interruptions and in an orderly, comfortable space with good lighting.